Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting Room/ Blue Monday

Trust everyone had a nice weekend and ready for Blue Monday. Sallie at is a gracious hostess for this special day each week.

Last week I had an 11:00 o'clock doctor's appointment. I arrived at 10:45 and was greeted with a full waiting room. Shortly, another couple came in and joined us. The lady was in a wheelchair, so her husband sat next to me. After a few minutes, he pulls out this gadget called a "Nook". I had heard of them but never saw one. I waited a few minutes, but my curiosity got the best of me. I asked him one simple question about the "Nook". He told me about it and all the books he had read along with his life history. He could not hear very well, so his wife said you do not ask him a question. I told her guess I would have to keep my mouth shut. Everyone else had been listening and joined in with their stories. Before long, we were having a round table discussion on everything in their lives and the country. Some of the tales got us to laughing and really all seemed to be enjoying themselves. At least, we made the best of a bad situation. We all waited much too long. While we were still having our round table discussions, another couple shows up. In just a few minutes the gentleman chimed right in. He proceeded to tell us what he had done, where he had been,etc. His great love was photography. He had given each of the office girls a very pretty photo of bluebonnets. One lady asked if he sold them. He said no charge. Give him a name, address and he would send one free. Well when he mentioned bluebonnets, my antenna went up. Four of us requested a print. (I left the doctor's office at 2:pm)

It is unreal how much fun and interesting things you can find out in a doctor's waiting room. Very fascinating and intelligent group.

Last Saturday, I received the following in the mail. This is a 13x20 glossy photo of one single bluebonnet. He said he focused on just one bloom in order to capture more details than you would see in a group. My pictures are not as good as the actual copy. I was thrilled to get it.

This is that very nice gentleman.

The Bluebonnet (Lupinus Texensis)is a perennial in warm climates and an annual in colder areas. It blooms in the early spring and can be easily found in fields and along roadsides throughout Texas. It was adopted as the state flower of Texas in 1901.


Becky K. said...

Way to go, LV! You took a regular, everyday annoyance and made it something beautiful! Jim is a true gem to offer these wonderful photos to you and others at no charge. I am so happy for you that your curiosity got the best of you and started this chain of events.


Ruth Hiebert said...

I like this story.It just shows how you can make friends everywhere.I bet no one was worried about their appointment during this lively discussion.

Donnie said...

What a way to make lemonade out of lemons. Such fun and you got more than a photo you got a blog post. Way to go.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Gulf coast highway, he worked the rails
He worked the rice fields with their cold dark wells
He worked the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico
The only thing we've owned is this old house here by the road
Highway 90, the jobs are gone
We kept our garden, we set the sun
This is the only place on Earth blue bonnets grow
And once a year they come and go
At this old house here by the road

And when he dies he says he'll catch some blackbird's wing
And we will fly away to heaven
Come some sweet blue bonnet spring

Sorry, but I just had to write you some of the lyrics from one of our favorite songs, it's about blue bonnets. What a wonderful surprise this was. This is a beautiful ballad. If you would like to hear it, you can probably go to YouTube, the name of the song is Gulf Coast Highway, sung by Nancy Griffith, I think Emmylou Harris sung it also. Again, thanks so much for sharing this story and the wonderful pictures.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

LV, that is neat! I love that photograph, and Jim is pretty cute! I'm sort of wondering if he has a crush on you. Either way, I love your flower print, and I think you should frame it!

I have never seen a blue bonnet in person, but I think they are one of the prettiest flowers ever.

Happy Blue Monday. This is a perfect blue for today.


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. Better watch out. When my grandmother was nearing 80, I convinced her to marry her old sweetheart. ;-)

SmilingSally said...

I've always wondered why doctors offices are so over loaded. It seems that scheduling could be better handled. At least you made a game of it. As you might imagine, I seldom sit quietly in a waiting room! LOL!

Happy Blue Monday, La Voice!

Pie said...

These are beautiful.

My Blue Monday.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi LV, this is my first visit to you and I really enjoyed your story. I always talk to people, and sometimes they are hesitant, like on a plane or when the subway gets stuck--but it's usually worth it to hear interesting stories of other lives! Our state flower here in CT is the mountain laurel! I think I will post some in the spring when it blooms. Nice to meet you! Linda

Lesley said...

It is always moire fun to share!

Crystal said...

What a wonderful story!!! The pictures are beautiful! It's amazing what we can find out just by asking one simple question!

Gengen said...

You can find really friends everywhere if you want to. Nice shot of that flower. Happy blue Monday.

DoanLegacy said...

What generous, and wonderful man! I'm glad your time was occupied at the doctor's office and meeting great people.

The bluebonnet flowers are just beautiful!

bluebonnet said...

As you may guess by my name, I live in TX and last year the bluebonnets were sister plans to come from Indiana this spring just to see them in bloom. All the TX wildflowers are a sight that should be seen by everyone at least once.
Marilyn in San Antonio, TX

Chubskulit Rose said...


Musical Snow Globe, is my entry. Have a great week ahead!

Lola said...

Lupins grow in the UK and are so pretty!

XOXO Lola & Nora:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous story and photos!
Kisses and hugs.

Unknown said...

what an amazing blue blooms!
what seems to be a dull wait at a doctor's lounge turned into a beautiful and meaningful chatter.

Jeanne said...

Hello dear friend, I am overjoyed to be on my computer this morning (oops the morning is gone)I mean this afternoon. Bob has left to visit another cousin and I am loving the time to myself. My hubby works half days and it is just me and Cheri'.

Your new blog design is beautiful. Very classy and pretty in the browns and blues. Your blog could be a Blue Monday. LOL.

Your story today just warmed my heart. My father NEVER met a stranger and I think I am much like him. I find people wonderful in most cases and this just is the perfect example. Plus, just look at the beautiful photo you received from the simple act of being outgoing and friendly. I love this so much. Blue Bonnets in a big field are God's blessing. I have never seen them in person but it would be great if I do someday.

Happy Blue Monday.
Hugs, Jeanne

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I like the way you all handled the wait! and what a generous friend you met. There is something about a blue bonnet, isn't there? One day, I hope to come to Texas and see them in their natural environment.

George said...

You certainly made the best of your wait. Hopefully the discussion helped the time to go by quicker than it would otherwise. The gentleman who sent the bluebonnet photo is very kind, indeed.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Isn't is nice when strangers can strike up a conversation? All of a sudden it isn't strangers anymore. It's wonderful where friendships can be found when you are least expecting it.

The pictures are beautiful.

Fex said...

nice picture, happy blue monday!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is a wonderful post! How beautiful that you made the best of a bad (or at least boring) situation and ended up with new stories and a new friend! Terrific that you started the conversation. The whole post just brings me all sorts of joy (I like talking to strangers too!)... Thank you so much for sharing your day and your new friend's pictures.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Love this story! The waiting room circle, and what a nice gentleman.

Ann said...

My goodness, that is a neat story. I've met people and talked them in waiting rooms but never with this result. What a thoughtful person he is. I really like the picture and I bet you were totally fabergasted. Have a good week.

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, LV, this is amazing!!! I am so HAPPY for you!!!
Happy Blue Monday!!!

Unknown said...

Aw happy Monday! What beautiful photos.

It is amazing how people can strike up a conversation anywhere.

Have a wonderful week!

Rose said...

i've been absent. enjoyed your post it's amazing that just alittle conversation it can spread to a room of people. it's great love the photo nice gesture take care rose

bj said...

Oh, I am very PROUD TO BE A TEXAN and proud of our state flower,
the Bluebonnet.
Great photo..perfect for Blue Monday.

Regarding the crumpet making..I just got home from the market and bought what I needed...only problem is that you are supposed to use some sort of rings (to keep the batter together) and I don't have any. I am thinking of using canning jar lid rings...hope they work. :))

joyh82 said...

Beautiful picture and flower!
Have a great week ;)

anne said...

Yeah sometimes we can find interesting people or interesting topic in the Doctor's waiting area. Just like what I had last week, Thanks always for dropping by

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Wow that is an awesome picture! Glad you spoke up. Thanks for missing me. You should get together some friends and so a cruise!!!! The "problems" are so few compared to the number of cruises. Thanks for missing me. :-) It's nice to know people care. Blessings, Debbie

Tete said...

Isn't this something nice to get after having to wait so long? I am so glad that you had your own little group going on there. We are like that all the time and I always talk to people, but I do understand that when you come from somewhere bigger than Mayberry, people don't act like we do.
I would love to have been there listening to all the stories...and the photos this gentleman took are awesome.
I am so glad he shared them with you and you shared them with us.

Hugs- Tete

Unknown said...

It seems like a movie story but it's real, and the main character is you LV. That old man is really nice.

Thanks for the visit LV

Eden said...

Beautiful blue flowers.

Have a great week.

Terry said...

Howdy LV
Happy Blue Monday night :)
I had a hard time trying to get online all day .So I left the computer alone and cleaned out a closet . Well while doing this I found somthing to post and I may be late but here I am !
I just loved reading your post .
The Bluebonnet is just gorgeous .
I am so glad that you were able to have this difficult task turn into something special to remember .
You are such a sweetie .
Thank you for making my
Blue Monday a happy one .
Happy hugs from me to you .
Until Next Time
Happy Trails

genny said...

very lively flowers and a wonderful story to share LV. thanks for dropping by at my blog. happy BM!

Rebecca said...

Bad storm here and no power since 8 last nite -wish I could have bluebells blooming

Eileen said...

What a great story! It definitely sounds like you made the most of being stuck waiting. And how sweet of that gentleman to share those! It's a beautiful image. I love the pink Christmas tree below, too.

Lulu said...

It won't be long before we in Texas are driving to the country to see the fields of bluebonnets and Indian Paints, truly a beautiful sight. In the meantime enjoy your print and think of times to come.
Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I'm always happy to have a new friend.

Self Sagacity said...

That was very nice. It is also wonderful to read about your how everyone was joining in, it makes time go by faster when you are having fun.

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing the story LV...:) sorry for the late visit...great to be here....:)

thanks for dropping by at my BM entry.