Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Saturday

How Sweet it is to be joining Beverly for Pink Saturday. She always ends the week for us in the pink. You can see some of the ways we all enjoy this day at

One of my first roses this spring.
Nature threw in just the right touch of pink to this scene.

You just never know what I will find to show on Pink Saturday. I think his mouth coloring fits okay.

If you would like to visit a new blogger, go to (click) "bees knees bungalow". Jeanne is the lady in charge of this great blog. She has some of the neatest ideas for decorating your bathroom. She used things most of us probably would never thought of. It will be a very enjoyable visit.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Trust you are having clear, blue skies wherever your may be. For your viewing pleasure, drop by Sky Watch and you are certain to find a sky to your liking.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pick a Pair

Welcome to a special day with Coloradolady and her Vintage Thingies Thursday. For the best of viewing go to

Today I am featuring some vintage pillow cases. Most of them were from family estates. They are all standard size. They have not been used in years. I do not have standard size pillows anymore.


My generation's bedroom using the standard pillows. (Internet photo).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

For a most enjoyable day, take time to visit Outdoor Wednesday with Susan. She and her friends feature the best of the outdoors at

The following pictures were all taken in this beautiful garden in our city.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blue Monday

Always look forward to Blue Monday with Sally. She is the most gracious hostess that has time for all her participates. Pay her and friends a visit at

Beautiful blue skies smiling down on the gas well they drilled near me. There is plenty of gas, but had to have a temporary shutdown. Not enough demand for the gas and the price went down to hardly anything. Trust in time, it will be a big producing well. My dream is to receive just one royalty check. Regardless of the amount. I never knew what that was till year or so ago.
Now this pretty little lady all decked in her blue and white dress was standing around in an antique mall. She said she wanted to be on Blue Monday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Pink Saturday

Today we are honoring a special day, Easter, on Pink Saturday with Beverly and friends. This blog is one of the most popular pink days. Check it out for yourself at

This big boy bunny was made by a friend of mine in 1958. She still has him and shares him in different events. Even though it is a fellow, she still picked a pink shirt.
Too many pink sweets for me.

Some time ago, I received this little blue truck from two of my blogging friends. It was not a give-a-way that I won. I do not win give-a-ways. Out of the goodness of their hearts these two special ladies sent it to me.

I am attempting to create a little Easter decoration with it. As you can see, designing or creating pretty arrangements like most of you, is not my thing.

If you have not met these two ladies, make sure you drop by their blogs for a visit. They are both very talented and can do so many neat things. They are sisters that live miles apart.
Ann from (click) "Tin and Sparkle",
Debbie from (click) "The Paint Splash",

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sky Watch

Worldwide skies can be seen each week on Sky Watch Friday. For some of the very best showings go to

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1950 Vintage Thingies Thursday

Since this is the last Thursday before Easter with Colordolady, I am featuring a little bit of two different things. The very best of vintage things can be found at
This big bunny was made in 1958. A lady made it all with paper someway. She is now 81 years old and still has it. She loans him to schools and churches for children programs. He is still in very good condition.

This little compact is from the 1950s time frame. It has a mother-of-pearl top.

It was made by Elgin Ann with the original puff and a little powder as well.

Compacts were very popular way back when. In the 50s you just did not leave home without one.

It is till in the original little bag that it came in. Excellent condition. Back then you needed a compact to freshen up. It has not been used in years. I probably should use it more.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I enjoyed my time away for a few days, but it is nice to be back on REDnesday. Sue at would love to have you join us.
Wish I could say these beautiful flowers were in my yard. Regretfully, they belong to some other fortunate one.

These are two very special little ones in my life. I just do not get to see them very often as they live in Terrel, Texas. The fellow with No. 6 on his back is Luke. He and some of his fellow team mates were climbing on the fence watching others. Along comes his sister, Lily, 2-1/2. She thinks she is as big as they are, and is trying to join them. She gives Luke a run for his money. You notice his team wears red and white.

As you an see, this is another special fellow, that I love very much, in his red and white suit. He lives in Haslet, Texas which means I get to see him a little more often. His name is Layton.

When they are this age, they are so much fun to watch. They get so excited when they accomplish something.
He also is No.6. Here he is starting to run on his hit. He got a home run.


Monday, April 11, 2011


This will be my last post for a few days. I am taking a little R&R time. Everyone take care and stay healthy till I return on April 20th.

Since it is near Easter, thought you might enjoy these facts.

It is easier to separate the yolk from the white if the egg is cold.

Cook all egg dishes at low or moderate heat, otherwise they will toughen.

If eggs are a room temperature before you fry or boil them, the whites will be
less likely to be tough.

Salt toughens eggs. Add it to egg dishes only after they are cooked.

When you serve egg dishes, use stainless steel flatware instead of silver.
The sulfur in egg yolks discolors the silver.

Avoid beating eggs directly into any hot mixture -- they will curdle.

If you spill a raw egg whee it is difficult to pick up, cover it with salt and let it set, then pick it up with damp paper towels.

I would like to leave you with he following thoughts:

"Bite your tongue before your tongue bites others."

"A gentle word of compliment falls lightly but it carries great weight."