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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Fences

My fences today are not the greatest, but at
some of the best can be found.  Drop by and say hello to our hostess, TexWisGirl.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rubbish Tuesday

Let's all drop in on Roan and see what kind of Rubbish she has today.  Do doubt there will be plenty at

Recently one of the older schools around here had a class reunion.  This is one of the vehicles that was in the parade.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blue Monday

Smiling Sally

We have been blessed with a wonderful weekend weather wise.  So nice and sunny.  A little on the cool side with wind.  Love it. Also, some wonderful blues are shared each week at

Blue doors can be used for many reasons.  These two are definitely worlds apart.