Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have all heard that Wednesday is "hump" day of the week. Well not today! We are going to show off our reds. Join me, along with Sue from My Secret Garden and all the other participants and take a look at all the reds today.

This was displayed in a gift mall that I was at last week. I thought it would add a crowning touch to Rednesday.

This was a child's book on display at the same mall. Felt it was too cute not to include as a fun thing for Red Wednesday.

This is one of my flower beds with a red yard decoration. It is sitting in an old cracked churn that I had. Thought it was still good for something.

This is a lovely, red bloom from some ground cover in my front flower bed. It is so pretty and hardy. It comes back even in the coldest of winters.

This is my first time to participate in Rednesday. I am looking forward to seeing what other interesting red things are out there.

"Funday " No. 2

My sister and I share most Saturdays as our quality time together. As a rule, we eat breakfast at a certain restaurant. There is a gentleman also eating there that makes things out dollar bills. Perhaps some of you have seen this before. He fascinates me.

This is a rooster he made.

These are pictures of a ring he made.


I can see through my bifocals

My dentures fit me fine

My hearing aid does wonders

But Lord

Best wishes to all of you.

Monday, June 29, 2009

BLUE MONDAY: Out & About

Once in awhile, we have a different kind of blue Monday. Should you be having one of those days, come over and join Smiling Sally at Blue Monday and your day will be much brighter.

I saw this lovely cross in a gift shop. I liked it so much, and thought it would fit in with my other shades of blues.

I am not sure what this represents. Some type sculpture. I saw it today while looking for something blue. and thought it was an interesting piece.

This is just a simple, blue shopping cart. It would be nice if we could fill it everyday with good deeds, love, kindness, and prayers for the needy.

Show kindness today.
Give someone a hug.
Forgive someone.
Most of all love and count your blessings.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday: The Notebook

It is time to make a another pit stop with Coloradolady at Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have time, stop by for a visit with her. You will have a good time and not leave disappointed.

This week, I have a few vintage treasures to show you. These have been well cared for down through the years and I hope you enjoy looking at these little treasures from long ago.

This is the students in the 1923 graduation class of Leary, Texas. This post is in honor of the fourth girl on the front row.

They had the same thoughts about class mates leaving at graduation as we do today. Only difference, at one time we used what was called an autograph book. We asked our friends to write a parting note to remember them by. Now we have the annuals. Back then she only had a cheap notebook. I do not know why she waited later to get her friends remarks and not at graduation. Perhaps, she did not have enough money to even buy this simple little notebook.

This is a page she chose to write for herself. Each of her friends were asked the same questions. I found them most interesting. I trust you will find pleasure in reading vintage thoughts from the 20's. (Click on any of the photos to make them larger)

This page was written by her mother.

This page was written by her very best girl friend, Willie Turner. Note she is only 14 years of age.

This photo shows this lady with her friend Willie Turner. Willie is on your right in the picture.

This page is from a young man that she obviously cared a great deal about at that time.

Eva Shaw, another friend, was the writer of this page.

These are the future dreams of Stella Anderson.

These are the thoughts of Fay Goodwin. Did you notice Fay is only 11 years old when she wrote this. There is several more pages of her friends, but the notebook is so old and fragile, the pages were too old to get a good picture.

Apparently, she was was a thinker and had a lot of favorite sayings she liked. She wrote a number of pages of her favorites. This is only one of the many pages.

In closing this vintage book of memories, this is the precious lady which I have shared a small portion of her life with you. This was taken in 1926. I am proud and honored to say she was my mother.

Monday, June 22, 2009

BLUE MONDAY: Mixed Blues

Start your week off right. Join me, along with her many other friends, at Smiling Sally's Blue Monday. You will definitely find something to enjoy.

Back in the 60's, I had the privilege of working for a great man. He was a wonderful boss, gentlemen, and artist.

One year at Christmas, he did a large. oil painting of this little greeting card. I was the lucky recipient. It is one of my most treasured pieces of art work.

These two shots are of the finished product. Notice the detail work and the various shades of the blue color.

This is my little, blue Beanie Bear from Japan. He is playing with a blue Texas fish.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Should you wish to see some truly breath taking scenes around the world, please join me at "Sky Watch". This is the third time I have ventured out into this beautiful land.

Last week we experienced several days of stormy weather. The following photos were of the unusual cloud formations that appeared after the storm. I had never seen clouds like these. They reminded me of rolls or marshmallows. These pictures were made while standing in my driveway. Perhaps some of you Sky Watchers have seen something similar, but still wanted to share these with you. Enjoy!

Look close at this photo, even the planes waited till the storm passed to fly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Father's Day Memory

I am sure you do not need to be reminded, but this is a special day at Vintage Thingies Thursday with Coloradolady. Take time out of your busy schedule, relax and enjoy the the lovely items shown.

My father is on the bottom row, second from the left.

These are very vintage photos of my father taken in 1926 when he was 20 years old. He is the man on the right, standing straight as a board.

We lost him February 8, 1987. I wrote this in his memory the following father's day. I would like to share it with you to honor this father's day, June 21.


The Lord Gives
The Lord Takes Away

Our Hearts Still Ache
From the loss on February 8th

All We have this special day
Are memories left behind

Of a husband and father
Compassionate and kind

Everyone was his friend
Like the buyer of his pelt

The doctor that would help
Those that bought his cans

The pastor's prayerful hands
The domino games

That softened life's pains
Only loving thoughts remain

We miss him so and on
This Father's Day

We each say, REST IN PEACE
Until we meet again.

This is one of the best pictures he ever agreed to have made before he became so ill.

Thank you for letting me share a small portion of my vintage memories with you. To all the fathers out there, I wish you nothing but the best on this special Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Smiling Sally was sweet enough to award me with the following awards. Smiling Sally has a wonderful blog and she is a very busy lady. She is in the middle of a big move, and she still finds the time to read lots of wonderful books. Be sure to stop by and pay Sally a visit, you might find a book to your liking after you read one of her wonderful reviews.

Sally, you will never know how grateful I am for your kindness and being so thoughtful. I am not sure if I am deserving, but this is the nicest thing that has happened to me in awhile. I get excited when I receive comments. This has put the icing on the cake. I have had a blood pressure problem, so I am not going to take it for several days after this. Sally, your caring and giving me these awards means the world to me. Thank you once again.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shower of Flowers

Every moment of the years has its own beauty.
By: Emerson
The bread of life needs no butter.

Put a song in your heart and a smile on your face.

A little love for anyone or flowers can make a difference in ours lives. Always remember to count your blessings - large or small.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are You Converted?

By now I sure most everyone is aware that at noon, Friday, June 12, the digital-television is scheduled to happen. If need be, have you converted? Realizing this was going to happen, I went ahead and prepared for it a year ago.

I used the government converter-box coupon to purchase this converter.

That alone will not always solve your problem. As I have a great analog TV, I chose to keep it and get a new antenna. I did not want a new set. This is the antenna I purchased and it works great.

Anyone that is not converted by Friday noon in my area, your television will look like this. I trust you are ready and this does not happen.

The picture on your set should look something like this, but much better. I am not too good with my camera yet, and did not get a really clear shot. That line across the screen will not be there.

For all you television watchers, I wish you the best during this transition.