Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blue Monday

My how time flies. Seems I was just a day ago doing Blue Monday with Smiling Sally. No matter when it comes around, it is an exciting day for all. Beautiful Blues are awaiting you.

This a long dresser scarf that I have had a long time. The blue birds and all the other work have been painted on the scarf.

In all my recent birthday cards, I received this one from Jeanne, our backyardneighbor blog friend. I thought the blue birds looked almost exactly like the ones on my scarf, I wanted to share it on Blue Monday too.

I would like to take this time to invite all of you to drop by my post on Tuesday, 9-1. You will understand, if you watch. Thanks.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink Saturday

Trust everyone is having a great day. However, if you want to really see and enjoy something different in pinks, join Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Her Pink Saturday is a great way to end your week.

I could not believe it when I saw this pink fan. I have seen many fans, but never a pink one. Just had to share it with you Pink Saturday friends.

This is a Home Interior print that I have had a very long time.

This is one of many nice surprises I received in my birthday cards. Since it was done in pink, I wanted to share it with you. Ruby, at sent this lovely linen hankie to me. If you wish, I would like each of you to drop by my post next Tuesday, 9-1.

Rooster Party

We are all in for a real treat. This is the first Rooster Party I have ever been invited to. I am sure if you can "peck" your way through, you will have a "crowing" good time with Barb at Bella Vista

This is a little dish that was picked up at an estate sale. At least it had a rooster on it.

This little fellow was hand made from a dollar bill. A gentleman that eats breakfast occasionally at the same place I do, creates all kinds of different things with dollar bills.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I am sure most of you think you have seen lots of vintage items. If you have not had time to visit Coloradolady's Vintage Thingies Thursday, you are in for a big surprise. No where else will you find a bigger display of vintage collections. It is a wonderful way to share a little bit of the past.

My Vintage Thingies Thursday will take your back to the 19th century and into the 20th.

This is a very old vintage hand mirror that belonged to my mother. The mirror front is still in good condition.

This a wooden, swing out vintage picture frame.

This was my mother's during the 20s and 30'time frame. The two girls are my sister and I. Not sure of our age at this time, but we were not very old.

This started out as an old treadle sewing machine base. A few years back, a gentleman at our annual Senior Citizens Fair refinished it, made it into a beautiful roll top desk. My son and his wife gave it to me one Christmas. Of course, a few hints were dropped. I am very proud of it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ouitdoor Wednesday

I am happy to be joining A Southern Daydreamer, Susan and her friends for another great Outdoor Wednesday show. You can see some really great nature pictures.

This is a little butterfly I was trying capture. It is not easy as they move too fast. At least I think you can tell what it is.

These are two hanging baskets. They still are doing pretty well considering the Texas heat.


The first 80 years are the hardest.

Once you reach 80, everyone wants to carry
your baggage and help you up the steps. If you
forget your name or other people's name, or an
appointment, or your own telephone number,
or promise to be three places at the same time,
or can't remember how many grandchildren you
have, you need only explain that you are 80.

Being 80 is a lot better than being 70.
At 70, people are mad at you for everything.
At 80, you have a perfect excuse no matter
what you do. If you act foolishly, it's
second childhood. Everybody is looking for
symptoms of softening of the brain.

If you survive until you are 80, everybody
is surprised that you are still alive.
They treat you with respect for having
lived so long. Actually, they seem surprised
that you can walk and talk sensibly.

So please folks try to make it to 80.
It's the best time of life. People forgive
you for anything. If you ask me, life does
begin at 80.

You see, I am an authority on this, as I am
80 today.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blue Monday

Since football season is getting in full swing, thought I would give you a very SMALL glimpse of the Cowboys New Stadium. However, if you want to really enjoy some lovely blue sights, join me with Smiling Sally, for Blue Monday.

A few weeks ago, my sister and I took a tour of this monster of a place. If you get a chance, it would really be worth your while to take the tour.

Front part of the stadium if you were going in.

A huge star hanging over the area where the players run onto the field.

The players large locker room. It will have a video screen for their use.

One of the control rooms.

Rolls of artificial turf used on the field. They will have different fields for various type of sports. The synthetic field will roll up into 41 different 6,000 pound wheels that can be stored when not in use.

Part of the retractable roof.

View of the doors, windows and seating on the upper level.

One of many of the huge video screens. These are really necessary in the huge place.

Lower level view of the field and seating.

One small section of the Ring of Honor.

Trust you enjoyed my glimpse of the blues today. Remember if you go to a function there, take lots of money.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pink Saturday

What are you doing Saturday? Whatever it is, take time out for a delightful visit to a Pink Saturday. Beverly, at How Sweet The Sound, is having a showing of her friends assorted pinks. No doubt, you will find something of interest.

Saw this old, pink jewelry box while strolling through a mall. It caught my eye as well as being full of jewelry from another time.

I have a friend that is a stained glass artist. She is very creative and only does small things. This is a small mirror for your purse that she did.

She places each one in this nice little bag when she sells it or gives as a gift. I have not seen any large work, but her smaller things are beautiful.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skyway Watch Friday No. 9

For some world-wide beauty, please join me on Sky Watch Friday. You will see some incredible shots that you probably will never see elsewhere. You will be glad you did.

Mother nature having a hard time deciding what kind of weather to give us for the day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Today I am going to share a vintage STORY with you. After visiting my post, drop by Coloradolady for a lot more great vintage items.

Since it is time for school to start, thought this might be a good time to count your blessing and those of your children more. This is a true story.

Back in the 30's a little girl had her first day at school. She wore dresses made from printed flour sacks. Lived in what was called the "back woods" of nowhere. The first day in school did not turn out too well. She had to carry her lunch,{cold, buttered biscuits with sugar sprinkled on them from breakfast} which was probably in a syrup bucket, and if she had school supplies, they would be in a plain sack. No backpacks or lunch boxes during this time. Not knowing what to do with these things, she carried them with her everywhere she went in school or play ground. The other children made fun of her, so she left school. She lived on a long, country road several miles from the school. It was a hot day. She ran all the way, never stopping and crying her eyes out. Neighbors along the way tried to stop her to give her something to drink and cool off. She would not have any part of that. Never stopped till she was home. She was almost sick from running so far in the heat. Well she survived the day. Needless to say, she was marched right back the next day. After her father had a talk with the teacher, and she was instructed on what to do with her things, she made it through her first year at this school.
That little girl who had a hard first day of school, was none other than myself.....

This is an old book cover from the 30'time frame. That was a big thing back then. They are certainly not used in today's school world.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Trust everyone has had a good week up till now. If you want to really make it nice, join me for Outdoor Wednesday with Susan, A Southern Daydreamer. All her many friends will have many beautiful outdoor scenes to share with you.

During a recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum, walking along a pathway, this is one of many lovely sights. This is just one shot of superbly landscaped acres of beauty.

Giveaway Win

I visited the lovely Joan at The Potting Shed. She had showcased some lovely hand towels and was willing to share a few with others. Well guess what! I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky recipients of one her towels.

I received this very clever packaged towel this week. She made a good choice for me. It is a big, nice size and I love it. I am not sure if I will use it. Maybe just hang it and enjoy.

Well, that was not enough, she really surprised me and included these old fashion bingo cards. I got so excited over these. You do not see these much anymore. They use papers and computers for bingo. It is not the good old fashion game anymore. I do on occasion play with some other ladies, but I doubt they would know how to use these type cards. I remember them quite well. I will not use these. I will keep them as reminder that there are still some wonderful, thoughtful people still around.

Joan, I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude for this gift. I am very happy and pleased that I won. Thank you so very much.

If you have not visited Joan please click HERE to do so.
She will enjoy having you and make you welcome.

Thanks again Joan. It does not take much to make me happy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blue Monday

Today's Blue Monday with Smiling Sally is not my norm for this day. If you want to see and enjoy some really interesting and lovely blues, join her and her many friends.


As a rule, I do not exploit too much of my personal life. Only reason I am sharing this today is to make you more aware of what can happen, and avoid it happening to you.

On July 10. mid-afternoon, I received a call from my niece. She had a little garden in her back yard that was producing too many tomatoes. Knowing how much I love home grown anything, especially tomatoes, she suggested I come and get some.

In route to her house, had to go through a four-way intersection and turned onto a service road. I was not on the freeway. On this service road, about fourth of a mile, is a slight rise, not a hill. Just as I approached this rise, I could see a lot of stopped traffic and police cars. I am sure there were at least 8 to 10 police cars lined up on the side of the road.

At first, I thought there had been a wreck, license check, or something bad had happened in the nearby apartments. That was not the case. There were so many cops standing in the road and some under a nearby tree. They all had their little radar guns aimed right toward me.

I thought, I was entering a war zone, or firing squad. Had no clue what was happening. Well it did not take long for me to find out. As I approached, one of the policeman motioned for me to pull over. I asked him what was going on. All the cops there had a radar and clocked my speed. He said I was going 48 miles in a 30 mile speed zone. I told him I thought it was a 35 zone. That did not matter, he was still giving me a ticket. I told him this was my first ticket. He said he hoped it was my last.

As I was not knowledgeable about this, I did not not know what to do to settle this issue. He replied, read the back of the ticket and do as it says. Well, if he thought I was going to understand that, he was wrong. I read the back of the ticket, and tried to figure out what to do. You had to wait three days before calling the Municipal Court. When I did that, the people were so rude and said read the back of the ticket as to disposition. Hung up and waited another few days. Got a very nice person this time. She walked me through what I should do and then mail the ticket to them.

It took four weeks for me to receive my "verdict". I have to pay a very hefty fine, and am on a 90 day probation period. If I stay clean for this time frame, it will not appear on my record.

The point is: watch out for the "blues", as they are certainly watching you. This is not a photo of my stop. He would have really hauled me off if I had asked him to let me take pictures of all this for my blog. Heaven forbid!

Also, I did get my tomatoes, but they sure came at a high price.