Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Experience Blue Monday

Smiling Sally
My Blue Monday with Sally and friends is very different from anything that I have done. You will find a few "blues" scattered about though. Many other interesting blues can be seen at


My sister and I usually have our quality time on Saturdays. I am supposed to find something exciting for us to do. This past Saturday, we attended "The Passover Experience" on the other side of Weatherford, Texas.

This is a very large statue of Christ at the entrance to the area. I had to take this out of the car window as there was too much traffic to get any closer. It is very large and a blessing to see. The parking area was so full they were parking on the highway. It was an awesome place to visit before Easter.

My sister and I(talking when picture was made, as usual) at the Passover Seder meal. Never had been to this occasion before.
Anyone familiar with the Jewish Passover, knows "The Kindling Of  The Candles" is done by the lady of the house and says the prayer. Since I happened to be seated next to the speaker, he appointed me to do this honor. The green lighter on the table was what I was supposed to use to light the candles. To my disgrace, I could not get it to light. Someone came to my rescue and lit the candles. However, I was able to read the following:

"Blessed art thou, O Lord our God,
King of the universe
who has sanctified us by thy
commandments, and has commanded us
to kindle the festival light".

This is the table right in front of me and the only picture I could get of the group.  The place was full.

This area was taken from the book of Exodus showing the path of the plagues. These two scenes represented the "Plagues of Blood".

The first shot is when we were under an arbor and it started to rain.
While we were there the "Plague of Hail" came down. If You look closely, you can see hail on the ground.

There was a building that represented the "Plague of Darkness". A lot of the people, including my sister, chose not to go through it.  Well I was game. Never have been in such darkness in my life.  I tried to hang on to the man's shirt in front of me, but lost him. They had a rail you could hold on to guide you, but I could not see where it was. Finally, one of the workers came to my rescue as I was holding up the line. Unbelievable darkness. Sorry I could not get pictures of this event.

This scene  represented being in the Land Of Goshen. The people were giving up their gold and such to get people to leave.

This lady was crying as she did not want to give up her possessions.

This was a scene when we were going into Jerusalem and visiting with the villagers.  My sister is here enjoying this event. There was a lot of standing in long lines, it was getting hot and we were tired. Therefore, we did not get to visit the money changers and pay our taxes to keep the "Roman Soldiers" from arresting us. Also, missed the sitting at the table with Jesus and His disciples.

One of the characters and myself.  Forgive me, but cannot remember who he represented.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Pink Saturday

You do not not want to miss today's Pink Saturday showings. Our hostess, Beverly, suggested we make it a festive one for Easter. There are sure to be  many lovely Easter goodies hopping around.  Let's all go to and check them out.

I never saw many Jim Shore pieces I did not like.  This is no exception.  Truly a work of art.

Visited one of local garden centers this week.  These are some of the Easter ornaments dressing up the flowers.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sky Watch Friday

When you visit, you never know who you will see out sky watching. You can thank our wonderful hostesses, Yogi, Sandy and Sylvia for this amazing presentation each week.
I am sure if she were still with us, she definitely would love seeing the clouds drifting through the skies.

Easter Vintage Thingies Thursday

It is Vintage Thingie Thursday before Easter Sunday with Coloradolady.  You never know what interesting finds you will see until you visit

This old senior bunny lady got tired hiding eggs and sat down to rest.  She found this old vintage rocker to relax in.
This is a vintage painting of a little girl and her dog.  She was hiding her eyes while the senior lady hid the eggs.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Outdoor Wednesday

Some great Outdoor Shots can be found each Wednesday at Our hostess for this special day is Susan and she would love having
you drop by.
Texas is going through some of the strongest and cold winds this week.  Trust it is a better day wherever you might be.

Wondering what happened to the family.  It could have been blown away as well.
This is one of many sights you can see around here from the very high wind.  Paper of all kinds blown in some of the strangest places.

A  very prickly Texas cactus.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue Monday

Smiling SallyHello Ms. Blue Monday Sally, this is Layton.  As you know, I love blue and your blog.  MeMe is out on a blue "hunt", so I am her feature today. You will find many pretty blues if you visit

This is not my horse.  It belongs to a young fellow named, Sam (8 years old).  He was nice enough to let me ride him. I loved it.

Here I am at MeMe's house showing of my new blues.  On my way to play golf with my Granny and Pop. Picture not too good as sun was shining very bright through the window. Thank you for letting me be a part of your Blue Monday.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is being brought to you by Magical Mystical Teacher, Gemma Wiseman, and Rose (Chubskult).  Change your channel to
for the best of shows.

Just trying to capture shadows at a different perspective.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Pink Saturday

Spring will be popping out all over today on Pink Saturday. Trust wherever you are spring has landed.  Beverly's many friends will be showing off their spring pinks at

This a pink cactus that my great great grandson gave me recently. I do not have many spring flowers blooming yet, so he gave me one.

This pretty azalea bloom is from my neighbors large bush.  It is in full bloom. Mine did not make it through the winter.

This lovely pink tulip tree is from the same neighbor's yard as well.  She just recently planted it. Already showing off some mighty pretty flowers.

One of the lovely pink blooms

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sky Watch Friday

May the skies wherever you are be bright and lovely as you will see on Sky Watch Friday.  The best of them can be seen at  We can thank our three great hostesses, Sylvia, Sandy and Yogi for this pleasure each week.

Different look at Texas skies.