Sunday, December 30, 2012

Final 2012 Blue Monday

Smiling Sally
Sally, it has been a delightful year with you and all your blues.  Looking forward to sharing more good times in 2013.  Best wishes to you and Blue Monday friends for a very healthy and blessed New Year.  Check and see how many are ending the year on a blue note at

to the year 2012.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pink Saturday Snowing

After 30 years. mother nature provided Texas (part where I live), with a white Christmas just for Pink Saturday.  We have had snow on Christmas before, but it never actually snowed on the day. Let's go to and see if any of Beverly's friends has snow to show.

Believe me, this is not how it was around here.  This is a glorious sight but nowhere near Texas.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vintage Thingies and SS ELF

After a whirlwind and definitely a unique Christmas, it would be nice to sit in a vintage barber's chair and get the works. Check out Coloradolady and friends at to see if Santa brought any vintage goodies.

As most of you know, around Christmas time each year, Coloradolady has her Secret Santa Soiree event for anyone wanting to be a part of Secret Santa swap. She always has several blogging participates, including myself. My Secret Santa delivered in grand style.

Bear in mind Secret Santa and Secret Santa's Elf is not the same.

I definitely have not been good enough to deserve a Secret Santa Elf visit.  However, Santa's Elf felt different. For a day or two, I was receiving packages without names.  The first package came from Oregon. This is that lovely gift.

A bar of the best smelling lavender soap ever.  Three pretty Lavender sachet bags filled with real lavender. This package was shipped from Sunset Lavender Farm in Banks, Oregon.  If you should like some of their products, I definitely recommend them. The products I got are heavenly.

The next package contained a memo pad, a pretty pin and Chick-fil-A gift card. Everything very useful and appreciated.

Next, I received this lovely top.  My picture in no way does it justice. I love it and fits fine.

To top all this off, I received a letter from Oklahoma.  I thought it was a holiday greeting from one of my blogging friends.  In actuality, it is. It was from Shabby Creations for me to select another blog design. I am trilled to receive this, but not sure if I have enough smarts to do as stated.

I may not be the brightest senior on the block, but I am good at putting two and two together.  This is one of the nicest things that someone did for me that was not, or expected. The giver did it out of kindness and a good heart. I am at a loss for the right words to express my appreciation. Thank you very, very much.This act of kindness will be stored in my memory bank forever. May the New Year be kinder to us all.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blue Monday Before Christmas

Smiling Sally

Merry Christmas Sally and all your Blue Monday participates

Birds in a row waiting for the snow.  Never happen in Texas,

How beautiful and awesome this would be.  A friend sent me this lovely sight.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Skywatch Friday

Please join me for another fabulous showing of skies from all around the world.  Skywatch is brought to us each Friday by Sylvia and Sandy.  Pay them a visit at

If it is Christmas time wherever you are, wishing you and family the best holiday season. Next week 12-25, is Christmas day in the USA.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vintage Thingies

Today is the last day for Christmas vintage thingies. When you visit Coloradolady at next week, Christmas will be long gone. It has been good seeing all the pretty things each of you have shared.
Merry Christmas to each and everyone for a wonderful holiday.

This is a little ceramic,vintage Lefton Santa boot.  I have had it a very long time,

 So many of you now have these little silver trees. I saw this one in an antique mall. It is amazing what they are charging for them. I did away with mine many years ago,  Hard to keep everything.

Secret Santa Arrived

The past few years I have entered Coloradolady's Secret Santa Soiree.  It is a lot of fun and anticipation of what your Secret Santa will send you. Poor Santa and his reindeer nearly got too hot delivering the package.  Texas is not experiencing winter weather.

 Here they all making the final touches.  (This is the card Melinda sent) Very fitting.

My Secret Santa was Melinda Fulkerson from Thank you Melinda for being so generous.  This lady is so talented and creative. If you have not visited  her blog, you are missing out  She has some of the most beautiful hand and quilt work ever. Here she is with Santa making sure he has everything packed and ready to deliver her package.

She wrapped each of my gifts in pretty fabric  I thought that was such a different and neat idea.  When I opened the packages, I understood her reason in doing as shown below.

A cute little chicken pin cushion.

Pretty little bag to keep your quilting tools all in one place.

This is 42 squares,44/45" wide, of the cutest Lil' Rascals fabric. 

I have  had a lot of calendars, but never one like this.  So unique and different.  Each month has a sewing machine in different colors.

When you are quilter, nothing is thrown away.  These are strips of fabrics she used to tie my packages.

Melinda, thank you again for this lovely package filled with wonderful goodies.  I can vision a child's quilt being made from this special fabric.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EXPLOSIVE Tuesday With MeMe


I thought I had seen just about everything.  However, I found out real quick that I had not. Take my word, never leave anything on the stove and forget it. I went to the back of the house fooling around with my Christmas gifts.  Never gave the stove another thought. I heard this loud pop, like  a shot. It had to be very loud for me to hear it in the back of the house.  I do not hear well. Thought it was car backfiring.  Checked on that and no car around.  POW, another rang out. Decided I better check things out.  As soon as the kitchen came into view, I knew I was in trouble, but still not sure what happened.

I never buy but six eggs.  Had these far about two days.  Never like keeping them too long. I like boiled eggs.  I decided to boil all six so they would not spoil. The problem was I should have checked on them sooner.  I never knew eggs would explode.  It was like a battle zone with eggs flying in all directions.  I never had such a mess in all my days.  There were eggs on everything including the ceiling. Needless to say, I missed my bed time.  Took me forever to clean up all that mess and mop the entire kitchen. The pictures in no way shows how bad it was.  I learned a lesson the hard boiled way.You can rest assured it want happen again.