Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EXPLOSIVE Tuesday With MeMe


I thought I had seen just about everything.  However, I found out real quick that I had not. Take my word, never leave anything on the stove and forget it. I went to the back of the house fooling around with my Christmas gifts.  Never gave the stove another thought. I heard this loud pop, like  a shot. It had to be very loud for me to hear it in the back of the house.  I do not hear well. Thought it was car backfiring.  Checked on that and no car around.  POW, another rang out. Decided I better check things out.  As soon as the kitchen came into view, I knew I was in trouble, but still not sure what happened.

I never buy but six eggs.  Had these far about two days.  Never like keeping them too long. I like boiled eggs.  I decided to boil all six so they would not spoil. The problem was I should have checked on them sooner.  I never knew eggs would explode.  It was like a battle zone with eggs flying in all directions.  I never had such a mess in all my days.  There were eggs on everything including the ceiling. Needless to say, I missed my bed time.  Took me forever to clean up all that mess and mop the entire kitchen. The pictures in no way shows how bad it was.  I learned a lesson the hard boiled way.You can rest assured it want happen again.


marilyn said...

Oh my! You are lucky a fire didn't start. But you sure had a mess. How did you get it off the ceiling?? Meme, take care. Merry Christmas.

The French Hutch said...

Oh mercy me! I never knew eggs would explode either LV. Bless your heart, what a mess to have to clean up. I'm just glad you weren't in the kitchen when they started to explode, you could have been injured. Thanks for sharing this, I learned not to leave eggs alone. I notice the covers for your stove top. I did have the pattern with the little houses. My sweet mom gave them to me for Christmas one year and they served my family well. Only a few pieces left I've put away to save. Mom is gone but I have my sweet plates and memories.
Merry Christmas LV.

The French Hutch

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my goodness, I have never heard the like!!!! Just an hour or so ago I almost set the toaster oven on fire, we are two of a kind.

Darlene said...

I'm so sorry you had to clean up all the mess from the eggs. I've forgotten about things on the stove before too luckily it was just the fire alarm going off from the smoke but I have had soda pop squirt all over the kitchen in all directions one time when I opened it. take care, Darlene

Gerald (SK14) said...

O my - you cannot be too careful with eggs.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh goodness!! Who knew?

You are very fortunate that it wasn't something you were FRYING or you would have found your kitchen on fire I'm afraid.

Ann said...

Oh my goodness-LV-what a mess!! I'm sure it took a long time, looks like it made it's way to carpet too. That sound would have shook me too. Glad it wasn't worse.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

OH My Gosh... I am so sorry... I can only imagine the mess you had.. So sorry that happened--but I guess you can be glad that it wasn't WORSE.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear me. I too never knew eggs could explode as boiling. We do eggs same way .

Sorry it happened to you but yes blessing it was not anything like grease in a frying pan.

My hubby always warns me.

When cooking stay with it.

Now I will think twice what he warns me.

Yet in your case who wants eggs exploding when it looks like that.
It could be pretty scary to see and they may of hit you.

What a mess to clean up at bed time.

You poor dear. You must of been so tired after clean up.

I hope you slept in some in morning to catch up with missed sleep.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Yikes! I knew eggs would explode in a microwave,but would not have expected this.

Lady Jane said...

You are one lucky lady. I did the same thing with oil. I went to pee and came back to see the pan on fire. Picked it up and tossed it in the sink and used flour on it. I had done it before and when I got back the oil was just right to put the fries in. Ha, you never know do you. Never, never again will I do such a foolish act. anyway dropped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Oh my. At least you hadn't left the house. What a mess though.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Oh my gosh LV! Thank goodness you're ok! It looks like all of the water evaporated huh?
Who knew that eggs would explode???
Happy Holidays!
Erica :)

George said...

I didn't know eggs could explode, either. I'm sorry about the mess, but I'm glad you weren't hurt by flying eggs!

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

I'm so happy you were not standing right over the pan!! Get well my friend

Thx for sharing


mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Your posts are right on point. Thx for letting us look at it from a different view point

Thx for sharing


Jill said...

Flying eggs - what next!!

Linda said...

Meme, I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through this. What a mess. Good thing you got it cleaned up and I am glad you are O.K.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh LaVoice -- I exploded one egg in the microwave one time (first time I had one ...a microwave, not an egg ;>))... and someone had told me you could hard cook an egg in it. I never tried that again! I can just imagine those eggs shooting all over off the stove - but I am really glad you heard them before the pot boiled so dry that it caught on fire. I hope you didn't go climbing up on a chair to clean that ceiling? Did you?

I laughed when you said you learned a 'hard-boiled lesson.' The explosion surely didn't hurt your sense of humor!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't know eggs would explode like that either! What a mess! It reminds me of the time I was baking a sweet potato and left it in too long and it exploded all over my oven! That was a mess, too.