Monday, July 20, 2009

The Smaller Things of Life

Sometimes the smallest, less expensive things mean as much or more than larger, expensive. I would like to share a few tiny possessions I have kept.

A friend and I went to work at the same time back in 1948. For some reason, she started calling me "chick chick", and it stuck. The tiny, little yellow chick is what she gave me back then. We have remained dear friends all these many years. And to this day, she still calls me "chick chick". I thought the tiny yellow one needed someone. I bought the other two sometime ago so it would have company.

This a miniature, plastic telephone designed after the old princess telephones. It measures 2-1/2"x1-1/4". For some unknown reason, I kept it.

I honestly do not remember why I have this. It is rather old and made in Japan. It measures 1-1/2x3/4". I think it is rather neat, so guess I will continue to keep it.

These are tiny puppy figurines. They each measure one inch. I know you all probably really think I am crazy after this post. But sometimes, being crazy is fun.

May everyone that takes the time to read this, have a wonderful, blessed week.


Becky Garrison said...

I love your tiny treasures, and no you aren't crazy, just love finding joy in the smaller things in life! You might want to check into the value of that tiny chair - things made in Japan, especially prior to or during the war, have some value. Not great value, but more than you would think.

Have a great week! B.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Your new background is Gorgeous..I really love it. The roses are very pretty. Have a good week.

Coloradolady said...

These chickens have survived well over the years. If memory serves me correctly, these went crashing to the floor once when I turned over the table by your chair with my jacket by accident. I will never forget that and how bad I felt for doing it, but I got no sympathy, everyone thought I was a bull in a china closet anyway, and I guess that episode confirmed it.

I am really glad they are still in great shape.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yes! Being crazy is very fun! It gives friends something to think about and confuses enemies! I like that saying, "I don't suffer from insanity -- I enjoy every minute of it!" But I don't think you're crazy to love those little treasures, they are just so precious. Remember how important the Lord felt the Widow's Mite and a teeny mustard seed are, and boy are they both tiny -- and precious!

BJ said...

Your new layout is very pretty. I love the flowers what a happy page.

George said...

I personally like your little treasures, especially the ones that hold memories. I especially like the 'Chick, Chick' story. I also like your new header and background.

SmilingSally said...

You have interesting, sweet miniatures. Thanks for showing them.

Infarrantly Creative said...

I love those little chicks...what a cute story. I have a love for all things miniature. So cute!

CC said...

I don't think for an instant that you're crazy..I think you're tons of fun, and I love visiting your blog.
Your tiny treasures are wonderful..I love them all.