Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are You Converted?

By now I sure most everyone is aware that at noon, Friday, June 12, the digital-television is scheduled to happen. If need be, have you converted? Realizing this was going to happen, I went ahead and prepared for it a year ago.

I used the government converter-box coupon to purchase this converter.

That alone will not always solve your problem. As I have a great analog TV, I chose to keep it and get a new antenna. I did not want a new set. This is the antenna I purchased and it works great.

Anyone that is not converted by Friday noon in my area, your television will look like this. I trust you are ready and this does not happen.

The picture on your set should look something like this, but much better. I am not too good with my camera yet, and did not get a really clear shot. That line across the screen will not be there.

For all you television watchers, I wish you the best during this transition.


Keetha Broyles said...

LV, you are toooooo cute. I LOVE that at 79 you are BLOGGING on a COMPUTER and getting your TV technology all set!!! You are something else!!!

We have dish, so we didn't have to give the whole converter thing a second thought - - - but you, YOU ARE THE CONVERTER QUEEN!!!!

My dad is 80. He is a retired minister who ended his career as a college professor. We cannot get him to even CONSIDER using a computer to be online. He misses all our pix of the grans (his great grans) and all this blogging fun.

But not you - - - you have SPIRIT and JOIE DE VIVRE!!!!

Coloradolady said...

You are on the always!! Here is hoping all were SMART enough to take this seriously and get their converters, and have them hooked up really is a safety issue if they did not...know what I mean?

I myself would find it hard to believe ANYONE would not take care of this after all the time they had to do it in!!

Good reminder....

farmlady said...

I sure hope this is the end of it. I'm so tired of all the media stuff on the NEWS..., and yet I'll bet you anything there will we someone who will say, " I didn't know about this. Why didn't someone tell me this was going to happen." Just wait and see.
Maybe this is a way to see into our lives. Now, without our knowing, BIG BROTHER will be watching us. Maybe I'm getting old and paranoid.I'm pretty sure I am.

Linn said...

Well...I FORGOT all about this....and I am sure I will not have a TV to watch after today.

I really thought this would not happen, and felt it was just media hype to sell some boxes. Oh well. I am behind now and will be stuck out.

SmilingSally said...

Woo. I hope your weather is better than that!