Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trashy Cold Blue Monday

It is nice being able to drop in on Sally in a warmer area (Florida). She always features some of the warmest blues ever at  
I live in a neighborhood surrounded by good neighbors that takes care of their homes and yards. There is one exception.  Right in the middle of us is this rent house where the blue dumpster is sitting. The owner finally got the people out and is now in the process of cleaning and making repairs.  However, this has been delayed due to the sleet and ice storm we have gone through last week. The photos are not to good as I made them through the windows.

People in Fort Worth do not know how to cope or deal with these conditions. The situation was too dangerous so just stayed in, enjoyed reading and visiting blogs. However, streets are better. Hope to make rescheduled appointments today.



Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Better to stay safe inside when weather turns nasty. Ice always is scary because of falls. A blue dumpster is better than messy neighbours because eventually it will be taken away. Thanks LV for the Blue Monday reminder.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am glad you have been able to stay in, the recent weather is not fit for anyone to go out in it. I'm glad they are finally fixing up the house, It seems every nice neighborhood has ONE junky house to ruin it. We do, down at the end of the block. It got so bad that he was made to put up a privacy fence. But now the junk is overflowing to the porch and yard again. I do not understand people who don't want to take care of their homes and don't care how they look.

SmilingSally said...

Hi La Voice,

What an eyesore; at least it's BLUE! Hopefully, it'll be gone before too much longer.

Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

Happy Blue Monday!

Michelle said...

Stay warm and safe as you get out and about!

TexWisGirl said...

glad he's cleaning the place back up.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Let's hope that the improvements will make for more beautiful scenes in the future. Have a good day.

Unknown said...

have fun today, love your blue choice.

NanaDiana said...

I hope your roads and streets are cleared by this time.

I bet you will be glad to see that TRASHY BLUE thing gone from your house. The fact that they brought a dumpster in tells you what kind of tenants they had in there. xo Diana

Heart2Heart said...


We have a home next to us very similar. It was a former grow house and they have left all their trash out on the side of the house. Doesn't feel too great moving in where we are and hope to get out soon.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Adam said...

I think most people have that one neighbor that always is below par.

One house down the street has never had a good person/family living it.

There was one time the person rented it to a family....of 40.

They would all come out at night and just wander out in the road. It got extremely annoying. Luckily it didn't last longer than maybe six months.

Annesphamily said...

Be safe and stay warm! Everywhere in the USA has snow with the exception of Florida. Even Hawaii got some! We are expecting it later this evening. Argh....I am tired of it! Your blue is great to share. It is hard when people come and go in rentals. What is sad is the fatc that real estate is getting out of control and in Denver there are no rentals and the cost of buying is outtasight! There is no win for the average person. A sad situation. Have a good week.

Jeanne said...

Good morning LV, I'm back to visit to my sweet friends today.

Wow, what a mess indeed. I can see the snow was just as bad for any progress on cleanup. We stay in when it snows too. Mountain roads are not safe when it snows or we have ice. Much warmer here now and the snow is gone. It will be 50's and 60's for 10 days but still in the 30's at night. Spring is on it's way.YAY!

Stay warm and have a wonderful day.


Edna B said...

You stay indoors and keep warm. Spring IS coming!! I agree that most of us have at least one neighbor who does not care about how the neighborhood looks or what his neighbors think. At least the owner is trying to get things cleaned up and looking good.

We are enjoying the gorgeous weather here in Florida. I'm so glad that I invited Joe to come with us. He is having himself a wonderful time, especially being at the pool all day long. At home he does so much to help me, and he deserves the vacation.

Well, it is lunchtime, so gotta go feed my little guy. You stay warm and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

bj said...

Since I spent many years of my life in the Dallas area (born there), it seems sooo weird to see snow in Ft. Worth.
Bet the drivers there are dangerous.

barbara l. hale said...

We've been hearing on the news about your weather down there. I hope you are staying safe and warm. It has been a trying winter all around this year. We certainly have more snow than I can remember in a very long time. But it will pass.