Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Laughing Tuesday With MeMe

Like most all of us, there are days that nothing goes right.  I have had a few of them lately. I found some cute subjects that definitely brought a smile.  Trust they will brighten your day as well.

A woman was trying hard to  get ketchup out of a bottle.  During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year old daughter to answer the phone.  "Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right now.  She is hitting the bottle".

A little girl was watching her parents dress for a party.  When she saw her dad wearing his tuxedo, she warned, 'Daddy, you should mot wear that suit'.
And, why not, darling? 'You know that is always gives you a headache the next morning'.

A little girl had just finished her first week at a school.  'I'm just wasting my time, she said to her mother.  I can't read, I can't write, and they won't let me talk!'

 A little boy opened the big family Bible.  He was fascinated as he fingered through the old pages.  Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible.  He picked up the object and looked at it.  What he saw was an old leaf that had been pressed in between the pages. 'Mama, look what I found, he called out.  "What have you got there, dear?"  With astonishment in the young boy's voice, he answered, "I think it's Adam's underwear!"

Take time to enjoy some of nature's great beauty.



Anonymous said...

Ah, Humor is so good for the soul ~ Great post and lovely photo ~ Happy Day ~ ^_^

Stephanie said...

Laughter is good - loved the last one about Adam :) Thank for sharing.

Hugs to you!

Adam said...

I like the school one the most

Ginny Hartzler said...

Really cute jokes! And what are your yellow flowers? They look like tissue paper with the sun inside!

Heart2Heart said...


Love that you added this to your blog post. We all need to remember the power of laughter and to take time out to share in the joy of finding humor in the oddest places.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for the smiles.

Annesphamily said...

I am always enjoying a good laugh! These were very sweet. I appreciate you making me smile!