Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Google + Tuesday With MeMe

This is to inform all the bloggers using Google +, I love and appreciate your comments. I am honored when anyone takes the time to visit and leave a comment. To me they are the best of blogging and making new friends. However, I cannot return your comments if you are using Google +.  I do not have a Google + account. I appreciate so much  those of you that have invited me to join you on Google +.  So forgive me when I do not visit as I would like. I try very hard to return all comments I receive and leave as many on others that I can.

Since I am not the smartest senior on the blog, I do good to post what I do over and over each day.
Thank you for your continued support.



I always enjoy reading your posts :) so nice of you :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I agree with you on Google + and I also hate disques whatever that is...some of my readers use that and I can't figure out how to make a comment there either. So I don't.

I disagree with one thing on your post. I think you might actually be the smartest senior on the block! Any block ;>)!

Adam said...

I don't use it either

Unknown said...

You are the smartest senior on the block. I have no idea how to manager the g+ I know that my avatar comes up as Google now and I have no idea how that happened. I don't think I signed up for Google Plus. Thanks for your post bringing that to mind. Would you try to comment on my blog so I can see what is going on outside my circle of influence.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

George had the same problem with Google+... He couldn't comment on someone's post since he doesn't belong to Google+... I belong to it --but truly don't care for it. I still use my Blogger profile --so Google+ doesn't effect those who comment on my blog... Sorry about your problem..

Gorgeous photo. I love yellow flowers.


Cheryl said...

I'm visiting from Friday My Town Shoot-Out where you left a comment about not being able to respond to someone's comment. FMTSO is a group blog and I'm guessing you were trying to respond to Peggy (QMM). It looks like she's having some problems with G+ (I'll touch base with her.)

To your point here, I just ran into this for the first time last week. I can't stand G+ and haven't opted in to their comment system. Google is determined to conquer the internet and, in the process, is making it harder for many of us to interact with each other.

Ruth Hiebert said...

No Google + for me. I just don't need another thing to mess with. As for you being a senior,when I get to be your age,which isn't that far away.I want to be like you,still blogging and learning.You go girl.

Unknown said...

LV got your message through Cheryl and will have my IT son get on this. I am trying to opt out of Google Plus but have no idea how. Will keep on trying. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.
Peggy (QMM)

bj said...

I have a Google+ Acct but have no idea how to use it. When people leave me a comment and it goes back to their google+, I can't leave comments, either. I am too busy, working on blogging to try anything else. Also, another thing that bothers me (remember, I'm olden) is READ MORE and I have to click again, wait for the loading, again, ....just don't have the time. Am I getting cranky in my old age???
And, lady...you have one of the best blogs around. You do a mighty fine job.
xoxo bj

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh MY!! This house and the dandelion field are outrageously beautiful!!! To me, dandelions are flowers, not weeds. I have never understood Google Plus, and some new followers of mine...I click on them and it does not take me to their blog, it takes me to Google Plus, which I don't know a thing about!

ExploreColorado said...

Love the dock and sunset. Beautiful.