Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bad Egg Day

My camera is always with me, but forget to take in when I go to a store or restaurant.  I regret I did not have it with me last Saturday when having breakfast out. So all the images you see are from the internet.

When I eat an egg, it has to be done.  I have ordered mine over well and break the yellow all my life..  Never had a problem until last Saturday.

Not sure what nationality the waitress was.  One thing for sure, we could not communicate. I gave her my order which included the one egg. I could tell from her expression, she did not understand. When she brought my order, this was what my egg looked like.  Never was the word scrambled mentioned.  I politely told her that was not what I wanted. Tried to explain as simple as I could.  Take the egg, break it, punch a hole in the yellow where it runs over the white and fry well.

The next time she came back, this is what I got.  The yolk is still in tack and not well done.  The white was.  I also ordered two pieces of bacon, crisp and well done.  I got four of the greasiest ever. At that point, I asked how old the cook was.  She said 24.  Well I could see I was fighting a losing battle.  Gave up and ate what I could. To top it off, she brought the bacon and a square biscuit (more like a  dry roll) on one large platter.  On another large platter, was the poor egg and a small bowl of gravy, which I did not want. It would all have had plenty room on one.  That place has definitely been marked off my list of eating establishments.

This is the way I like my eggs cooked.  The ones I got never came close to this.

If I did not tell you, I am sure you would never identify these. They relate to the egg saga.   I decided to make me some cornbread muffins.  While they were cooking, I was going to check the internet for egg images.  Engrossed in what I was doing, forgot all about my muffins.  I do not hear well and must not smell well either.  Never did I smell the muffins or smoke from the oven. Finally, when the light came on in my head I was cooking muffins, they had cooked to a crisp black.  Too late.

Sorry to say, there are just some days you cannot win. 


Michele said...

Nope, no winning this day.


I hate those kinds of days, but having even the worst of days is better than the alternative, yes?

And the wrong eggs is better than no eggs.

My Dad liked his eggs just like you do. Sorry the cook didn't get it.

But please keep smilin'!

Pie said...

It was definitely not your day.

My Blue Monday.

racheld said...

AWWW, Hon. I'd come cook you a BROKE-YOLK egg any time!! That's how Sweetpea and I like ours, with the yellow spread around like firm paint on the white.

All Summer, I've had to keep a close watch on the little oven upstairs---I use the small one for just a tee-ninecy pan-for-two of cornbread. The darn thing heats top and bottom, and sometimes it gets it in its head to BROIL during the baking, so we've had to de-cap-itate the bread several times.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Goodness.... Bet the crisp black muffins were better though than your eggs and bacon... ha ha

I love 'runny' eggs ---but always tell them that I want them cooked, 'over light'.... Sometimes they get it and sometimes not.. ha


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You sure have to keep a sense of the ridiculous when stuff like that happens. I overcook food regularly, I start with great intentions of timing/watching and then get sidetracked (yes, by the internet most often) and burn/ruin whatever I was supposed to watch.

Hannalei said...

That last picture had me giggling. It's nice to know I am not the only one that gets sucked into the interesting stuff on the internet and forgets that I should be manning the stove. Oh my!! :) Sorry you had an egg fiasco. Mine never come out right. I tell them if that omelet jiggles in any way, shape or form to pop it into the microwave or they will have to start over. I like my eggs dead :)

Sarah & le Weens

Melissa said...

At least you have a good story to tell. : )

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

You were unlucky in eggs and muffin but you do tell a good story. Some days are just like that, I guess.

Chubskulit Rose said...

You remind me of my FIL, he always do this one coz he forgets and sits in his porch and when he comes in the house, the kitchen is full of smoke.

Just digging through your old post, can't visit much during weekdays..