Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Forgotten Vintage Terms

My Vintage Thingie today with Coloradolady is about words that have quietly disappeared from our vocabulary. Many more interesting vintage things can be found at or click her button.

How long has it been since you heard someone mention the "running board"? When we were kids it was the highlight of a day to ride the "running board"..

Even the little ones enjoyed them as well..

These"fender skirts" were all the go back in the 50s.

Do not have photos to illustrate all the lost terms. Will share some I remember very well.


"Emergency brakes" changed to "parking brake" at some time.
"Foot feed" is now known as the "clutch".
"Store bought" was a bragging word as most things were 
homemade. Of course, everything we buy today is from a store, we just never say it was "store bought".

"Coast to coast"' has become "worldwide".

"In a family way" or "expecting" means you are "pregnant". Years ago that word was considered too graphic.
People do not go the malls asking about "brassieres". They ask about "bras".

"Picture shows" are going to the "movies".

"Percolator" is now your "coffee maker".

"Prayer meetings" changed to "bible study".

"Supper" will always be the name of the evening meal for me instead of "dinner".



Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Love it. I really enjoyed this. Love that fender skirt!

Jane said...

Fun trip down memory lane! All our clothes were certainly made at home or by a "dressmaker". Of course, I made most of my children's clothes too, until they begged me to stop :)

Ever ride in a rumble seat? I remember when I was just a little tyke someone in our neighborhood had a car with one & took some of us kids for a ride around the block, just so we could tell our children that we'd ridden in a rumble seat!!!

racheld said...

Memory land, indeed---especially the fender skirts.

I wonder, do folks in Texas call a shopping cart a BUGGY, or is it just those of us from the DEEP South?


Donna said...

Interesting post. I enjoyed recalling the no longer used phrases.

Keetha Broyles said...

I never heard foot feed before, clutch I know.

We up here in Wisconsin used to say store boughten. I don't think boughten is even a word, but that is what we said.

Kaye said...

I used to beg my mother to let me ride on the running board when we rode up the long driveway to my uncle's house.

Jan said...

Yes, the first car I remember, and the grandparents car, had running boards, but they were only used to step into the vehicle.
Some of the terms are not familiar to me, but that may be because I am in Australia.

Jill said...

It's still supper to me too! And always will be!

Beyond Wandering said...

Those are truly and pretty vintage autos!

Ann said...

My family has always said "supper". It was really foreign to my SIL who had never used it, it was always diner to them. I loved seeing all the old cars.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

These are so neat! And now, the term Running Board is back - they use them on big SUV's to give a little step up. When my husband bought his first SUV, I wouldn't have been able to get in without my running board!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I am always fascinated by words and to hear your perspective on words we no longer say is GOLDEN! THanks so much for pointing them out ....I cherish the memories you bring! Enjoy your weekend,
Bella ROsa Antiques
(PS...I'm a little late, visiting from a Pink Saturday)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my lady, I just loved this post! I am sooo into old photos and living history from the lips of our elder citizens - you are a jewel to share from the storehouse of your lifetime in such a modern way! Bless you!

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I love this! Who would have thought, "expecting" was considered too graphic! Isn't it funny how things change with time?
Thanks for sharing this LV! :)

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a fun post...and so true. It certainly reflects how things and perspectives have changed...

Michelle said...

We went to the Pioneer Days parade a couple of months back and my 12 year old was completely freaked out that someone had their kids riding in the trunk -- apparently he'd never seen a rumble seat. :-)

Hubby is shopping for a new-to-us SUV, so we're doing a lot of talking about running boards these days. Does it have them, and can he take them off?

bj said...

O, I used to love to ride the running board when my mother would let me.
My first car, in the 50's had white wall tires, fender skirts and it was blue and white..I loved it. When I got ready to sell it, I sold to a used car lot. It was across the street from the drive in movie and a high wind blew part of the screen off the movie and it hit MY car. hahha...Murphy's Law, ya know.

Annesphamily said...

My son-in-law is from Florida. He says "short pants" and it drives my daughter crazy! We say shorts!

Some people say "sofa" others "couch". Which do you prefer?

Soda or pop?

Supper, dinner?! Hmmmm....funny how we all look at these differently.

Great post!