Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage Dust Catchers No.1

Vintage Thingies Thursday has gone to the birds without Coloradolady. It will be hard, but we must survive another week. Make sure you give her your support during her "time out". My vintage feature today is solely about birds. I have too many to feature in one post. Next week, I will close out the birds with N.2. These were purchased in the 1960s.

Jeanne,, fly on over and enjoy bird-watching.

Limited Edition No.8.

I only have two Limited Edition Andrea birds. This is a Scarlet Tanager,#639.
Limited Edition No.7
This Indigo Bunting #225 is my second one.

A couple of cozy Owls.
Blue-Grey Gnat Catcher

Group of Parakeets.

These are not Andreas.

The one on the left is a white Crane with this marking:
I have no clue what this means, except being made in Japan.
The middle one did not show any markings except No.596
The one on the left is W.Goebel CV95, 1968 Parakeets.


Sunny said...

What a lovely collection of birds you have. I had a small collection at one time but gave them to a friend when I had to downsize. I used to use a little brush to dust them.
Thank you for sharing :)
☼ Sunny

Lynn said...

Your birds are beautiful, what a fun collection!

Susan said...

Your collection is beautiful!! I especially love the hummingbirds.

Anonymous said...

Such a "tweet" post.
All your birds are wonderful.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful collection.I have a few collectable birds as well.

Postcardy said...

Your birds are very pretty and realistic looking. I wonder what cats would think of those.

Unknown said...

I would love this collection. I have so many things in my house now I need to have a big estate sale. That is one reason I love the blog world. I can see all those beautiful things and not need to have them. I keep asking my kids please don't give me any more "things".

George said...

I really like these birds from your collection. The nice thing about your birds is that they don't make a big mess around the feeders the way our birds do.
Thanks for a wonderful post.

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

OH LV I just love this as I am a true bird watcher and just love to collect the little sweeties myself!
Thank you for sharing!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Beautiful collection!

bj said...

What a great thing to collect, LV..these are just beautiful.
You could link these up with the BARNYARD BASH tomorrow evening...birds are all over the barn yards, aren't they? :))
hugs, bj

Linda @ A La Carte said...

These are so pretty! Nice collection!

Unknown said...

Those are really cute, LV! Thanks for sharing them :) I especially like the hummingbirds, as they were my great-grandmother's favorite; and the owls, as that's what theme I chose for things for my baby boy this year. (It's also the theme of my blog!)

Have a wonderful ViNtAgE tHiNgIe ThUrSdAy!


Vonlipi said...

A really beautiful bird collection. They are so lifelike!

Happy VTT!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi LV, YES---they are dust catchers for sure ---but oh, how gorgeous. I have some (not vintage or limited edition ones for sure) similar --but I keep them inside a class cabinet.. SO--keeping them clean is not quite as bad a problem...

Yours are fabulous... Love those two Andreas the best.

Ann said...

You have a wonderful collection. Do you display them in a case? They are all so lovely.

gail said...

they are all so beautiful! I love anything having to do with birds.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your bird figurines, LV. That's funny that you called them "Vintage Dust Catchers" ;D DH and I collect bird figurines, too. But, yours are top notch and just lovely.

JEANNE said...

Hello my dear blogging friend. Thank you for sending me the email. I just read it a minute ago. You are right, I adore your post today. Your collection of birds is wonderful. 'Andrea' is a great collectible in so many lovely things. I especially love the birds. We think alike on this Meme. The one from Japan is also a great collectible and of course anything from W. Goebel. Where do you display these lovely birds? The hummingbirds is my fave. Smile.

Have a happy day. I will have a new post up for tomorrow.
Hugs, Jeanne

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are so beautiful. I love the parakeets the best. I have a lot of dust catchers!

marian said...

what a beautiful 'dust catching' collection!

Eileen said...

These are really, really lovely! I particularly like that second one. What a nice collection.

Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful!
Great collection.