Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blue Monday

Smiling Sally

Everyone meet me at for the most interesting blues ever. Sally, our faithful hostess, never lets us down.

This is a baseball sign from one of our Texas towns, but  not where I live.  However, here and most all other locations, the young guys are already practicing for the baseball season.


Hazel said...

The ball looks so real. Nice sign.

SmilingSally said...

Morning La Voice,

I chuckled when I saw you blue offering because I live in the Bay area!

Thanks for sharing.
Have a Happy Blue Monday.

Maria said...

Hello LV,

Your Blue Monday entry reminds me of happy summers of my childhood. My father used to host friendly baseball games after the harvest of rice on the fields. They're empty and dry so him and his friends can play there. They have a real bat but they only use old socks balled together for baseball. :D

Happy Blue Monday!


Adam said...

reminds of the local minor league team. They changed their name at least four times in the past 20 years

TexWisGirl said...

i like their logo.

bj said...

I like this sign...I am a proud Texan..:)
xo bj

Ann said...

I know baseball is huge there, my Nephew who lives in Baytown has played since 1st grade and hes a senior.

Ni de Aqui, Ni de Alla said...

Really cool ball!
I'm from Texas too :) from the south west area. Have a great week LV!

Neesie said...

An interesting entry to Blue Monday. Isn't this fun because you never know what you'll find.
My son used to play baseball when he was a little toot, when we lived in Brunei.
Happy Blue Monday to you ;D

Leovi said...

Wonderful blue shield, I like!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I always look forward to baseball season, LV! It's my favorite sport to watch. Happy Blue Monday and week!

bj said...

...coming back by to say
oh, well, he might get even more handsome if he's happily married....and since my little Deeds and I laugh our selves to death over BOTH of us liking Johnny, it's ok for him to marry...hahhhaaa....what fun. :)

Savannah Granny said...

Hi, We love baseball in this household as well. We follow the Atlanta Braves. Baseball is indeed American's favorite pastime.
Great blues. Happy Blue Monday, Ginger

Anni said...

Baseballs are very goodlooking balls, but I don't understand much of the very game. I'm going to watch the Eur opean Cup of Handball on tv tonight when Sweden plays. The handball is not a goodlooking ball at all, dirty from the special glue all players use to hold the ball.