Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Experience Blue Monday

Smiling Sally
My Blue Monday with Sally and friends is very different from anything that I have done. You will find a few "blues" scattered about though. Many other interesting blues can be seen at


My sister and I usually have our quality time on Saturdays. I am supposed to find something exciting for us to do. This past Saturday, we attended "The Passover Experience" on the other side of Weatherford, Texas.

This is a very large statue of Christ at the entrance to the area. I had to take this out of the car window as there was too much traffic to get any closer. It is very large and a blessing to see. The parking area was so full they were parking on the highway. It was an awesome place to visit before Easter.

My sister and I(talking when picture was made, as usual) at the Passover Seder meal. Never had been to this occasion before.
Anyone familiar with the Jewish Passover, knows "The Kindling Of  The Candles" is done by the lady of the house and says the prayer. Since I happened to be seated next to the speaker, he appointed me to do this honor. The green lighter on the table was what I was supposed to use to light the candles. To my disgrace, I could not get it to light. Someone came to my rescue and lit the candles. However, I was able to read the following:

"Blessed art thou, O Lord our God,
King of the universe
who has sanctified us by thy
commandments, and has commanded us
to kindle the festival light".

This is the table right in front of me and the only picture I could get of the group.  The place was full.

This area was taken from the book of Exodus showing the path of the plagues. These two scenes represented the "Plagues of Blood".

The first shot is when we were under an arbor and it started to rain.
While we were there the "Plague of Hail" came down. If You look closely, you can see hail on the ground.

There was a building that represented the "Plague of Darkness". A lot of the people, including my sister, chose not to go through it.  Well I was game. Never have been in such darkness in my life.  I tried to hang on to the man's shirt in front of me, but lost him. They had a rail you could hold on to guide you, but I could not see where it was. Finally, one of the workers came to my rescue as I was holding up the line. Unbelievable darkness. Sorry I could not get pictures of this event.

This scene  represented being in the Land Of Goshen. The people were giving up their gold and such to get people to leave.

This lady was crying as she did not want to give up her possessions.

This was a scene when we were going into Jerusalem and visiting with the villagers.  My sister is here enjoying this event. There was a lot of standing in long lines, it was getting hot and we were tired. Therefore, we did not get to visit the money changers and pay our taxes to keep the "Roman Soldiers" from arresting us. Also, missed the sitting at the table with Jesus and His disciples.

One of the characters and myself.  Forgive me, but cannot remember who he represented.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This is an amazing post, and my favorite of any you have done. I love seeing you and your sister. This must be a totally awesome event, with all the things re-enacted, even the hail!!! Our church had a Passover Seder meal once, and that's as close as I have ever come.

Annesphamily said...

What a wonderful post! I like the photo of you and your sister. I like the post and all the photos you shared form this wonderful blessing. Thank you for sharing.

Luna Miranda said...

quite an interesting post. we have similar pageants here last week--"Sinakulo" or Passion Play. the Plagues of Blood is chilling.

SmilingSally said...

What a terrific experience you and your sister had! How nice of you to share it with us. I'm sure you'll remember this time for years.

Happy Blue Monday, La Voice.

Karen said...

What an interesting place. A great outing for you and your sister.

bj said...

O, LV...I love this beautiful post. All the photos are and your sis are two cuties.
I would love to go to that event sometime....thanks so much for sharing it with us.
Does your sis live close to you?
xoxo bj

Anonymous said...

Very lovely photos of a sacred place ~ you and your sister look like you enjoyed yourselves ~ Enjoy ^_^

George said...

What a wonderful place to visit on Easter weekend. You certainly did a great job of finding something exciting to do with your sister.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I'm guessing that after this experience,Easter and the Bible stories will never be the same again. WHat a wonderful thing to do with your sister!

Unknown said...

Hello LV.
With you there were many colorful and beautiful photos, I really like the deep pool of water,, beautiful,,
Good new week to you by Marit.

SarahBeth said...

This is fantastic! I'm glad you and your sister could attend, although I'm like her and would not have wanted to be in that dark tunnel...
I had never heard of this -- I'm nearby and will have to watch out for it next year. Thanks for posting about it!