Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday

Some of the best outdoor scenes can be found here each Outdoor Wednesday with Susan.  For your viewing pleasure go to http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com.

This is a sight I have not seen in such  a  long time.  In Texas, we are going through some very hot and dry days.

A little butterfly enjoying the last drop of nectar he can find.

This is shot of an area that has had plenty of watering.


Annie Jeffries said...

Oh dear. Was that smoke?

Unknown said...

So the rain finally arrived in some areas, out your way. Beautiful pics, LV, especially that butterfly.

Sorry I have been remiss in visiting, but summer has been swamped with both business & family this year. Stay with me, I'll be back more soon.

farmlady said...

Is that FOG? Oh, I'm so jealous. I need some fog too. I'm tired of hot weather. But it's good for my veggie garden, so I'm not complaining too much.
Love the photo of the old tree.

Curtains in My Tree said...

how I like the picture of the rain
I haven't seen rain since April and it was like 114 yeaterday no relief in site till October they are telling us

I water my hydrangeas every day to keep them alive
i haven't had to mow my yard for seems like 2 months

I have seen you on my blog and wanted to stop by to say hi and thanks for visiting me


Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Lovely shots!