Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

This is a very special day for me for more reasons than one. My first blog was April 28. 2009. At that time, blogging was a new word, and become a new world for me. My niece, Coloradolady, as most of you know her as, created this blog for me. I had nothing to do with its existence and still do not know how it is started. I was so excited when I published my first blog. I had my moments, but I did it. Now as of today, I have published 300 post. Someone has been watching over me to have been able to accomplished this.

I have been blessed with making so many friends through the blog world. I will never meet them in person, but feel as though I know some of you very well. As a result of their friendship, another wonderful thing happened to me this week. There are 232 bloggers that follow me. I remember the day I got one or two. Thrilled me to no end. I am truly amazed and overwhelmed by this gesture. There are no words to describe my feelings on both of these accomplishments. It would never have happened if Coloradolady had not slipped one by me, and for all you great blogging friends. Thank you is such a simple expression, but I am humbled and touched by your thoughtfulness and kindness. I plan on being a member of this elite group for a long time.

A final and personal note to Coloradolady. You opened doors for me that were locked and the key thrown away. Thank you for giving me another reason for enjoying life.

Now we are going to get to the real purpose of this day, visiting with Coloradolady at There is no place you will find such a variety of vintage items. Also, you can meet and visit a new blogging friend.

These little kitty and piggy dust catchers belonged to my mother. There are no markings on them. Back then markings were not important as they are now. They were just special little treasures to her.

This is a 1950's hand painted TILSO ceramic car planter and teapot. There is a foil label on the bottom that reads hand painted, TILSO, Japan. These belonged to my mother-in-law. There is no great monetary value on either of the four shown. Just valuable treasures and memories to me.

A salute to Sunday, July 4th.


Anna said...

What a beautiful and touching post. I love your mother's figurines. Happy VTT and Independence Day!

Postcardy said...

I love the way the colors were applied on old ceramics like yours. I especially like the kitty.

farmlady said...

Congratulations on your 300 posts. I admire you so much and hope that when I'm 80 years old I will still be as interested in life and new things as you are. I'm sure it keeps you young.
Love the little figures and the poster. A very nice VTT post.

Jan n Jer said...

Congratulations on #300...keep on blogging, it keeps your mind busy and gives you a sense of purpose! Cute figurines..or as you say dust Mom used to say that all the time..she hated to dust! Happy Independence day to you and yours!

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh LV, congratulations on 300 posts, how wonderful!

I love your little "dust catchers" that is hysterical and the vintage Mickey Mouse magazine is precious. Happy VTT!

Coloradolady said...

Who would have thought??? I thought you'd never do a single post and look at you now...300 under your belt!!! Way to go!!!

Oh, and when you know a good locksmith....the doors won't stay locked forever!!!

I love those figurines, They are adorable...I did not remember seeing them, I think I know why and where they might be at!!!

Have a great VTT~ Love you!!!!!

Maureen said...

Congratulations! How thoughtful of Suzanne to set up your blog. From reading Suzanne's post today, it is apparent that what 'goes around, comes around'.

viridian said...

LV! I guessed I missed it - I did not know you were related to Coloradolady! I too hope I'm blogging or twittering away when I am 80.

Pam Kessler said...

I love that Mickey Mouse comic book. And congratulations on your 300th post!!!!

ClassyChassy said...

Yes, you certainly do have a lot of 'followers'!!! Congrats on all of your postings - #300 - wow!!! And it's great having gotten to know you through blogger!

Vonlipi said...

LV congrats on your 300th post and all your followers!

The cat and piggy are the cutest dust caschers!

Happy VTT!

Tammy said...

Congrats on 300 posts way to go. I really enjoy reading your blog. I love your mother's figurines.

CC said...

Oh my dear,sweet friend. How I thank Suzanne for starting this blog and giving you that loving push, for had she not done so, I would have missed
"meeting" you and making a new friend. What a terrible loss that would have been for me. You see sweet friend, you have brought much to all of us. To me you have brought friendship without question, you've shown me such love and support, and in the very manner you've conducted yourself, you've taught me again,that real ladies can slay dragons with grace and a flick of a southern belle's glove. You have taught me much, you have given me the gift of friendship, you've sent me sweet surprises in the mail that have made me smile and happy dance and remember the days of secret pals.
You are our treasure my sweet are much loved and highly respected. Congratulations on the milestones you've's only just a beginning... I loved your post always, you put yourself in your words and the love just shines..
Happy and hugs....CC

Oklahoma Granny said...

Wow! 300 posts! Congratulations on each one of them and all of your followers, one of which is me and I'm proud of it too.

The ceramics are all so cute - especially the little teapot.

Dogmom Diva said...

LV, you are so awesome and I am glad ColoradoLady started your blog. My mom just turned 83 and I got her blog set up for her last weekend. She is DesertGrammy and I bet she would love for you to stop by and encourage her a bit. I told her the more she posts, the easier it gets! I will also give her your blog addy!
Have a blessed week LV, and I love your vintage items..I also have a few vintage things that are valuable only to me.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Happy 300 posts. Keep going. What are you doing on 4th of July?

Cherie said...

Gorgeous post - looks like you're blessed like me. Congratulations on your 300 post ;-)

Miri said...

Lovely figurines-that kitty is so sweet!

Love the 1939 Micky Mouse 4th of July comic! :)

Have a Happy 4th and Happy Blogaversary!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 300th post!!! It's been such a treasure following you in this journey. I've enjoyed getting to know you.

Happy 4th of July and VTT!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I love your vintage treasures! How wonderful that you keep these and the memories of your mother. And congratulations! Post 300 - wow! I hope we see you here posting away for many many years to come!

Susan Freeman said...

Isn't blogging fun? I too have met so many wonderful bloggers (like you) and it has been such a fun and creative outlet. I just realized that although I come to visit you so often, that I never became a follower. So I remedied that just now ... and you now have 233 followers! Have a very happy 4th!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Susan Freeman said...

I forgot to congratulate you on 300 posts!!!

Susan and Bentley

Heartfelt living said...

Oh LV, congratulations on your 300 post! I must say...I alway enjoy reading them. I'm glad you started blogging!
I do love your little figures. They are so sweet especailly since they once belong to your Mother and Mother In Law. It only makes them more of a treasure.
Happy 4th sweet friend,

Ann said...

LV, you have been an inspiration to me. Just like your Niece helped you, you have done that for me. Congrats on your accomplishments. I love your vintage thingies.

Michelle said...

So neat that you have some of your mother's and MIL's treasures! Really enjoyed seeing the vintage 4th of July magazine. What a rare treat.

Congrats on your 300th post! I am new to blogging this year, and like you it has opened new doors for me, and I've made some new friends. How terrific is that? :-)

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi LV!

congrats on 300 posts and all your followers!!

Your niece is such a sweet lady!

Your vintage items today are all so sweet!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

SandyS said...

I don't have a blog of my own, but I always visit yours on Thursday and read backwards through the week past! Congratulations on 300 posts! You go, girl!

Petit Eyekiss said...

Your blog make me so happy. You are never to old to learn something new , is realy true.
My husband thinks I sit at the computer too much, but I respond that I spend more time to cook!
I have no one who help me whith the blog.I have to learn myself....
Have a nice weekend

JEANNE said...

Hi Meme, your post is so sweet and I agree with every thing you said about blogging changing our loves in a wonderful way. Congratulations on 300 posts. Lovely and fun posts I should add. I enjoy your posts very much. I am glad you will keep on posting and I will keep on visiting as well. (when my crazy busy life allows) LOL.
Love your little pig and kitty and your car and teapot too. It isn't about value, it's about memories, just as you said. Smile!
Hugs, Jeanne

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi LV, Congrats on 300 posts and so many followers... That is wonderful.. AND thanks to your niece for getting you started..... I hope you are still blogging 10 yrs. from now. My father-in-law learned the computer at age 90--and even though he didn't blog, he was good at the emails!!!!!

Congrats again... Love the figurines.

Old Time Cindy said...

This post put a smile on my face. You are truly blessed!