Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blue Monday

Please join me for Blue Monday with Sally at Smiling Sally along with a five year old's blue day.

All these pictures were made by the five year old. This is the back of his baseball net.

His thermometer.
Blue box for crayons and markers.
A pair of little scissors.
One of his favorite books. He wants a story read each night.
A little blue pillow that he wants me to use when there.
His blue toothbrush that glows in the dark.

My tote bag when I spend the night.
He has allergies and uses a lot Kleenex.
Him and his dog playing on a blue beanie bag.

As you can see "blue" is his favorite color. I am tired just recalling this special day. There is a BIG gap between 5 and 80.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great post for Blue Monday... You can almost play a game with him--asking him to help you find 'blue' things. You/he did good!!!!! What a cutie.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

LOL! What a cute, sweet post, and I bet you can keep up with him, LV! Love all of his blue things and the cute little dog with him in that last shot, too. Fun post!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh LV,
I love your blue Monday surprises. Even a little blue toothbrush, crayon box and pillow too. Love it.

Most of all I love his critter. I too have a Boston Terrier. Bruiser is listed in my scroll bar on the right. He is dressed in Spiderman for Halloween. We love him so much. They are the best critters.

Please stop by and say hi for Monday. I have a special message for all. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

EJ said...

Lots of blue!

I would like to share our Mellow weekend

sherri@lavenderfileds said...

Too cute! You can never be too young to start thinking about Blue Monday! Have A great day and an awesome week: ) Sherri

AnnA said...

Nice blue photos, LV! And a little cute guy!
Happy Blue Monday&Have Great Week!/

Kcalpesh said...

There's so much of blue almost everywhere :-)

- Pixellicious Photos

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh how cute! He's very good with a camera for five years old!!!

Cindy said...

Precious! I've never seen a glow in the dark toothbrush. I'd better not tell my daughter.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow he is a good sport hehehe..

To start the week, I am sharing our walk in the park last weekend.

SmilingSally said...

That's a talented photographer, LaVoice. Happy Blue Monday to you!

Your link has an extra "r" in "corner," and I can't seem to fix it today. Can you come back and link in again?

Erica (Irene) said...

I always enjoy your posts.......have a geat BLUE MONDAY!

Charlotte said...

I think this 5 year old will grow up to be a great photographer. He is well on his way.
Happy Blue Monday.

Sharlotte said...

What fun! I love the toothbrush!

Shy said...

I like the benie bag, so comfy... happy blue Monday.

The Stylish House said...

Five is a very busy and magical age! Happy Blue Monday, I enjoyed my visit and you have a wonderful blog.

Unknown said...

He did a great job with the pictures! I want a glow in the dark toothbrush!

Mary Bergfeld said...

Precisely 75 years :-). I understand completely but how fortunate we are to have them help keep us young. Have a wonderful Blue Monday.

Diann said...

Hi LV!

What a sweet post!

Linda said...

So cute! I was just gonna say that blue must be his favorite color and then you mentioned it.

He sounds like an active 5 year old, but very well loved!

Happy Blue Monday!

Marice said...

hey LV! great blue photos collection. i heart that glow in the dark toothbrush :)

u may view mine if u have time

ellen b. said...

Ha! Five year olds can really take it out of you :0)

Kritta22 said...

What a fun idea, Blue Monday!

Stoping by from SSS...nice to me you!

George said...

That young man is going to be a master photographer. I'm glad his favorite color is blue and that you shared his favorite blues with us.