Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blue Monday

Today's Blue Monday with Smiling Sally is not my norm for this day. If you want to see and enjoy some really interesting and lovely blues, join her and her many friends.


As a rule, I do not exploit too much of my personal life. Only reason I am sharing this today is to make you more aware of what can happen, and avoid it happening to you.

On July 10. mid-afternoon, I received a call from my niece. She had a little garden in her back yard that was producing too many tomatoes. Knowing how much I love home grown anything, especially tomatoes, she suggested I come and get some.

In route to her house, had to go through a four-way intersection and turned onto a service road. I was not on the freeway. On this service road, about fourth of a mile, is a slight rise, not a hill. Just as I approached this rise, I could see a lot of stopped traffic and police cars. I am sure there were at least 8 to 10 police cars lined up on the side of the road.

At first, I thought there had been a wreck, license check, or something bad had happened in the nearby apartments. That was not the case. There were so many cops standing in the road and some under a nearby tree. They all had their little radar guns aimed right toward me.

I thought, I was entering a war zone, or firing squad. Had no clue what was happening. Well it did not take long for me to find out. As I approached, one of the policeman motioned for me to pull over. I asked him what was going on. All the cops there had a radar and clocked my speed. He said I was going 48 miles in a 30 mile speed zone. I told him I thought it was a 35 zone. That did not matter, he was still giving me a ticket. I told him this was my first ticket. He said he hoped it was my last.

As I was not knowledgeable about this, I did not not know what to do to settle this issue. He replied, read the back of the ticket and do as it says. Well, if he thought I was going to understand that, he was wrong. I read the back of the ticket, and tried to figure out what to do. You had to wait three days before calling the Municipal Court. When I did that, the people were so rude and said read the back of the ticket as to disposition. Hung up and waited another few days. Got a very nice person this time. She walked me through what I should do and then mail the ticket to them.

It took four weeks for me to receive my "verdict". I have to pay a very hefty fine, and am on a 90 day probation period. If I stay clean for this time frame, it will not appear on my record.

The point is: watch out for the "blues", as they are certainly watching you. This is not a photo of my stop. He would have really hauled me off if I had asked him to let me take pictures of all this for my blog. Heaven forbid!

Also, I did get my tomatoes, but they sure came at a high price.


Barbara H. said...

Aww -- how frustrating. I have only gotten one ticket, too -- and I hope to never have another one. It's so easy to slip past the speed limit.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

How scary that must have been. I have only gotten l ticket too,and it was one too many.


imjacobsmom said...

That's too bad. I got pulled over one time and like a big baby I cried. I didn't do it on purpose - that's just the way I am - anyway it worked. I got off with a warning. Sorry you got stuck with the fine....Hope your Blue Monday is much better. ~ Robyn

Maggie said...

What a frightening experience the whole thing must have been. I think your photo was of British police men wasn't it?
Happy Blue Monday from a English lady living in France.

Jennsmere said...

Hello LV...just stopped by for a visit and so enjoyed your blog! Sorry that you had such a trial with our 'boys in blue'! Seems that they could cut a lady a little slack when she is on her way to an important tomato pick up!!

Bless you dear one...

Barbara Jean said...

Horrible way to have to post blue.

barbara jean

Barbara said...

LaVoice, I am so sorry, you had to experience such a thing after all these years.

I guess nearly everyone gets a ticket for something in their life time.

Happy Blue Monday

SmilingSally said...

I must admit that I've received more than one ticket, and I always feel so stupid when presented with one. The back of the ticket has print so small and language so complex that it complicates the issue. I hope you see no more of this shade of blue, but it did make for a good post! Happy Blue Monday.

ClassyChassy said...

My goodness - what a bad surprise!! Sorry you have gotten to meet all of the rude people on the phone - but glad you got someone who went over the details patiently with you. Everyone is in such a rush these days - they talk fast, and expect everyone to think fast - sorry - I don't work that way either! Thanks for the post today - a good reminder to slow down!

KBeau said...

Well, if that's your only ticket in 79 years, then you've done pretty well. Why do people have to be rude? Do they think it's in their job description?

susan said...

I got a good laugh just thinking about your asking the cop if you could take pictures for your blog!!!! Most don't seem to have a sense of humor :) I'm sorry you got a ticket--those will end up being costly tomatoes--Now, try to stay clean for 90 days :).

Mary Grace McNamara said...

I am all too familiar with that feeling you get when you realize it's YOU they are looking at! No fun at all...and expensive! But you handled it with grace. Good for you!


Sarah said...

No, I don't think asking to take photos for your blog would have been the thing to do. :-)
Sorry you had such a frightening experience.

Diva Kreszl said...

Oh think he could have at least let you off with a warning for your first offense! I guess with all the budget woes our 'officers in blue' are trying to fill their coffers with much needed funds!

farmlady said...

Well my goodness. Your FIRST ticket? I was going to say it must have been because you were going down the wrong side of the road,(the photo must be English) but those English gentleman would have probably given you a warning and let you go. Bad ol' American COP. He must have been having a lousy day. You should have cried. It usually works.
Glad you still got the tomatoes.

Mary Bergfeld said...

At least this is now behind you. The blue you are posting must be unique here on Blue Monday. I'm not sure I'd have the presence of mind to whip out my camera. I hope you are having a great day.

Becky K. said...

Oh my! What an unsatisfactory experience. I have not yet gotten a ticket but sometimes I formulate responses in my head, as if I were pulled over...things like, "Was I the only one you could catch?" when everyone around me is flying by or "Ok, well I deserve many of these so go ahead."

Horrible, I know...but in reality I will probably melt down or just sit there smiling like a jerk if it ever happens to me. I tend to smile when I am nervous...

You seem to have handled it very well, much better than I would.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Good gravy, I think that officer should have let you go with a warning!!! If you drive the speed limit, you get tailgated and practically run off the road! They ought to be dealing with that, not with people just trying to run errands!

It's upsetting to deal with mean or impatient people. I'm glad you finally got a decent person on the phone.

Lynn said...

Not exactly the kind of thing one wishes to share on their blog...happy that you're able to have a sense of humor about it...but probation? Really now...these guys (or the court) perhaps taking themselves a bit too seriously.

Cindy said...

How scary. I was pulled over once, too. He was very nice, but he look liked a little boy too me. I will bet at 48 I looked old to him!

deb said...

That must have been so scary for you! I have received 1 ticket too many. You think they could have left you off with a warning. Mean ol' man! LOL

Terry said...

Howdy LV
Happy Blue Monday to you sweetie.
Wow that must have been scary.
Sorry about the ticket,but glad your okay.
Thanks for the heads up.
Those tomatoes must be awful special to have cost so much trouble .
Have a really great rest of the week.
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Knitty said...

I will bake you a cake with a file in it if you break probation. ;)

What a sad commentary on people that it took three tries before someone would stop and explain the process to you. The back of citations can be very confusing.

Patsy said...

Well, Well Well, What secrets we keep !!!!! How much more personal can you get ??!!! I can not believe you got a ticket !!!!!Can't say anything to me anymore---I could have saved you some time and bother, if you had asked for advice from someone who has experience in this department and probably would not have cost you a fine and then we could have gone to the Tea Room to eat on the fine money. Ha !!

Hank - Joyce said...

My what a heavy foot you have sister - but was sorry about the ticket - I know where the money would hve been better invested

Anonymous said...

Oh LV....I can just imagin how upsetting that was! Why were there so many patrol cars for one vehicle? Makes one wonder, doesn't it?
So sorry you got a ticket:(

Thanks for sharing the story of 'blue' with us.

Happy Blue Monday!

~Let Freedom Ring~

AverettLadyNana said...

Oh mercy! What a time you had! Hope the tomatoes were tasty!! Hope your probation period soon passes and your record will be clean again!

Carie said...

I have had a few of these tickets myself and I remember my Meme always saying "Well, I may get lost or forget my seat belt sometimes, but that is one thing you will never catch me doing is SPEEDING!!" I am LV's grandaughter and believe it or not the week before my Meme got her speeding ticket I got one, but little did I know the very next week my Meme would recieve her 1st crisp 18 miles over the speed limit ticket! Meme we could have gone on a trip somewhere with our little ticket money! I think you have done pretty good to be almost 80 next Tuesday and for this to be your 1st speeding ticket! It's all going to be Okay! I Love you and welcome to the Club

Denise Marie said...

Sounds like they were getting their monthly quota under control. I've been pulled over much to my surprise 2 times this year during baseball season trying to get my boys back and forth to ball games...very embarrassing. I did not get ticketed either time but was stunned to get "called out". I was treated very nicely.