Thursday, May 17, 2018


Just to let you know should I not have a post up for several days, it is not because I am sick or died.  My computer is really acting up.  Sometimes it comes on fine and the next time blacks out. I really hate to give up my Windows 7 computer as I am not sure I would ever learn W10. I did not set up my current blog, so I certainly would not know beans about one on W10. Just wanted you to know if I turn up missing far an extended period, that is why.

As some of you know, I participate on certain blogs that requires linking into their blog. I  especially do this for Friday's Sky Watch and Pink Saturday. Just this past week, I could
not link into their post.  Well I read the long privacy policy but did not understand it.  Has to do with InLinkz and these two bloggers use it.  I do not use it or want to, but was not sure if I accepted their policy I might have to pay for it.
What is the difference http and https?  I still use http and not sure how to change if need be. But I often get popups that says I should make this change.  The way things  are going I may have to give up my blog.  I am not the sharpest one on computers and definitely the operation of blogs.  What I do, I do every day.

For those that reads this or offers suggestions, thank you.


Edna B said...

To begin with, you will do just fine. That's brave me talking. Soon, I'll have to deal with Windows 10 too. Ah well, maybe we can learn together. Hopefully, it won't change the way you blog.

As for joining other programs in order to follow a blog, I do not do it either. I'm just not sharp enough to keep up with the newer technologies and programs. Or rather, I just don't like change. That's probably more the truth.

If you need help setting up a blog, I'll try to help. My blog just automatically changed over to https by itself. I think it is supposed to help keep the blog current with newer safety measures. Or maybe not. I don't really know.

If you get a new computer (or laptop) go to Amazon and buy a book to learn Windows 10. Get the one for dummies or the one that teaches visually. Those are the ones that I buy and find them very helpful.

Make sure to back up all your files on an external hard drive. Make a list of addresses for all the blogs and places that you like to visit. Do the same with all your email addresses. I hope some of this helps. You have a supe day, hugs, Edna B.

p.s. let me know if you need help. I can try to help you over the phone.

Patti said...

I am proud of you for even being on the computer and internet. As I have told you before, my parents have refused to be part of the computer generation. So I applaud you for doing what some in your generation are not willing to do.

As for Windows 10...I have it, and I adjusted just fine, even though I'm tech challenged. I never had windows 8, always stuck with Windows 7. However, I got a new laptop, and I had no choice but to go with Windows 10. However, I use my old laptop for Word, as I don't like the new version of Word and prefer to stay with Word 2003, which is on my old computer.

If you end up with a new computer, I bet the people at the computer store can help you.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Technology gets ahead of me too, Lavoice. I certainly understand how you feel. I think you need to find a computer person in your area who will help you with these issues. Even if they install Windows 10 and set up your blog site again for you, you should be able to use it with no problem... Most of your issues are because of either privacy and/or security.... https is much more secure than http--and you need https.. In this crazy world, everyone is always working on ways of keeping the hackers and spammers out of our blogs or anything we do online....

Don't give up... Just ask around to your friends and people at church, etc... What about your grandson or someone else in your family? There should be someone who can help you. I'd hate to see you give up your blog. You love it ---and we love YOU... If we lived closer, we would help you (although we are Mac people instead of Windows people)....

I'm so sorry.... My big issue now is that Picasa is going away and I use it primarily for my watermark.... In trying to find a little program similar to Picasa ---I am finding out how difficult that is... As we get older, it's just hard to keep up with changes.


bj said...

O, darling LV....I had always heard Windows 10 was a nightmare so I still am using 7. When I had to have a new laptop several yrs ago, my son shopped around until he found a new one using 7. If you have a desk top cmoputer, I think you would love a laptop. You might give it a try
Https is more secure, I think.
Ask your son/daughter....even grandkids, about all this. They will surely be able to help you.
So sorry about all of it.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I agree with others, that you should try to fund someone near you to help sort all this out. I'm sure there must be someone.I would hate to see you leave the blog world.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I hate changes! (In computer stuff AND in life.) But on the linking (SWF etc) I found that all you have to do is check the little box that says you understand that the person hosting the blog now has your email address. I already knew that so I felt OK about checking it.

I agree with the others to not be ashamed to ask for help if you do have to get a new computer. I'm using 10 now and it wasn't too hard. But I got a lot of help.

Our son set up our blog too -- that is why it is on Typepad, because that is what he used. I would hate to change it. But going to Windows 10 will not lose your blog. It will still be there. I know that!!