Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ouutdoor Wednesday

  A truly beautiful day to be  outdoors. Please join me at https://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com for many lovely sights.

This is my dear blogging friend from Sweden.  She is standing in one of her many beautiful flower gardens.  She has many and all are so lovely.  AnnA is a lady of many talents. With shipping from overseas costly, she has still shared several lovely things with me.


Ginny Hartzler said...

She is sitting in a gorgeous garden!!!

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Anna's garden looks amazing. She must have an enormous amount of energy to maintain a number of gardens to such a high standard.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I have just read your blogger profile - you are an impressive lady LV. I hope I'm still keeping up with technology when I have reached your age of great wisdom. Warm regards, Elizabeth

NanaDiana said...

How sweet she is and look at those lovely gardens. Isn't it amazing how we make friends all over the world with the internet? Blessings to you, LV. I will be gone for several days but will check in when I get back. xo Diana

Ann said...

What a fantastic blogging friend!!!!! Looks like she is a phenomenal gardener.

Annesphamily said...

What a lovely garden! Glad you are enjoying some wonderful weather. Always my pleasure to see you here. HUGS