Friday, January 6, 2017

Anything Goes Pink Saturday

Wherever you are on this trip to Beverly's, may it be better than in Texas.  We are being invaded by old man winter.  Very, very cold with light snow.  We will freeze until next week. Let's go to and warm up.
Have not been out looking for blog sights due to holiday activities and weather.  Found this pretty pink on Pinterest.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow what a beautiful picture! Frost for girls! It is snowing here.


Amazing image sweet lady !
Here, to wish you and yours a wonderful, happy and healthy 2017 and much blessings always.

Adam said...

Our first bad winter storm is hitting us right now

NanaDiana said...

Well, you did your 'tour' on Pinterest where the weather is always balmy and fine. What a gorgeous picture. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, LV. xo Diana

Laura said...

Miss PS but i'm still came looking

Sarah said...

Yes, it's cold here in TX! Austin didn't get any snow, but we are definitely in the freezer! '-)
Stay warm and cozy!