Friday, December 19, 2014

Pink Saturday

The last Pink Saturday with Beverly until after Christmas.  My greatest wish for each of you is to have a healthy and safe Christmas. To our delight, , the participates share more very pretty pinks.

This is another of four different tree skirts that I have handmade by an elderly gentlemen.  He was very talented with his hands.  He passed away several years ago and has been dearly missed.

These skirts will never be used, as I stated in my last Blue Monday, as tree skirts.  I put on tables or the back of couch.
You can still find the kits for them, but not one like this.  I bought it back in the 70's and did some of the work, but never finished it. One day, I took it to the gentlemen and he completed it for me. Based on what he told me they do not make any this large anymore.  A real treasure for me to hand down to someone else.


TexWisGirl said...

really nice tree skirts. like the christmas cactus bloom, too.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful tree skirts. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I agree! I would put them on tables or the back of the couch! Way to pretty to put on the floor and cover the tree! The Christmas Cactus is so pretty that it looks like it is glowing! Merry Christmas to one of my favorite long time followers, my friend.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Beautiful- what a sweet man to finish those for you. You cactus is gorgeous.

NanaDiana said...

LV- Those skirts are absolutely gorgeous. Are they felt? I have never seen any quite like them. They are gorgeous.

My Christmas cactus decided it like Thanksgiving so bloomed profusely over Thanksgiving and all my blooms are gone.

Have a wonderful pre-Christmas weekend. xo Diana

Debbie Harris said...

Your Christmas cactus is a beautiful pink! One of my dear senior friends, who is now with the Lord, grew the most beautiful Christmas cactus every year. I always enjoyed visiting here over a cup of tea around the beauty of her many plants.
I have never had a Christmas cactus, who knows, maybe someday.

Your gentleman friend did amazing hand work on his tree skirt! You don't hear of men doing that sort of thing very often. I love it!

What a lovely visit I had here today.

Merry Christmas to you.

bj said...

So pretty...and very nice of him to finish yours.
Merry Christmas, dear heart.
Love, bj

nonie everythingsewing said...

what a pretty cactus. I got a start from a friend so maybe next year it will bloom. Merry Christmas


Jeanne said...

Hello dear LV, Your tree skirt is so beautiful. I wouldn't put it under a tree either. My daughter-in-law that passed away made me a wonderful tree skirt like this but not as old. She passed away at 42 and I gave the tree skirt to her oldest child, my darling grandson, when he got married. It is very precious to him.

The tree is pretty too. Happy pink Saturday my sweet friend and have a wonderful Christmas.
Love, Jeanne

Leovi said...

Wonderful christmas ornaments, beautiful compositions !!

Michele said...

these tree skirts are amazing! i wish you a happy pink saturday and a beautiful blessed christmas! xo

Jane said...

Amazing tree skirts! My Christmas cactus is just getting buds now.
Merry Christmas!

Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

I love those tree skirts....and I don't blame you, I'd use them on tables, too, so you can better appreciate the workmanship!

HPS!! Dana

Adam said...

cool christmas tree

Annesphamily said...

Those tree skirts are delightful. I would love to find someone to make me a new one. I treasure such beautiful hand made designs. Enjoy your week.