Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vintage Thingie Thursday

 It is Christmas tree day on Vintage Thursday.  Coloradolady and many vintage participates can be found at

This is similar to the way my sister and I had a tree.(This is not the two of us) However, ours was not even this good.  We never had a tree farm or store bought tree.  We went to the woods, searched for a tree, chopped it down and brought it home. Decorations were all hand made with whatever we could find. Unless you have experienced different generations, you cannot understand the meaning. This was the way we celebrated in a true, vintage, Christmas fashion. We were happy, loved and content as we knew no difference.

Then the old fashion nature raised trees turned into this.

Then the trees started to change again.

Now today, for those that can afford them, most homes have these beautiful decorated trees. They truly are a sight to enjoy. But, do they still have the same meaning as the ones we found?


Ruth Hiebert said...

I didn't grow up with having any Christmas tree,but have enjoyed an article one since Jake and I were married.I guess because I never had a real one I don't low what I may be missing.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas LV!
A homespun Christmas is always the best. I love a real tree, but being allergic to cedar and mold makes it hard.and you have to excuse me, but a child of the 60's. that aluminum tree is just so Christmas too....LOL

Susan Freeman said...

I love your simple tree the best. It's never how fancy the tree or the decorations but it's the heartfelt love that is put into a house that makes it truly a home. Your memories are full of that love.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Ginny Hartzler said...

I totally agree. The memories of finding and cutting and bringing it home, then making decorations, that is gone.

Anonymous said...

You make a good point. We used to get a live tree when my older daughter was very little, and she doesn't remember going to pick it out. Makes me want to ditch the fake one and go back to doing that!

TexWisGirl said...

we often chopped our own in the wisconsin woods around us. it was always flat, sparse, whatever, but it was real and ours. :)

Adam said...

after we got rid of real trees, my mom bought a little 4ft tree. I eventually told her to take it back and get something better as when you're in middle school you shouldn't be taller than your christmas tree

Alexa T said...

Indeed... your memories are full of love!! Personally I can still enjoy of the decorated Christmas trees - of whatever them material texture is... natural or artificial... To decorate trees It seems to only need joy and cheerfulness to spread... The natural ones are the best, but I can gladly enjoy even a nice plastic one... Fun, fun, fun always!! Merry Christmas LV!

Michelle said...

I really want to start some trees growing on our property so we can cut out own (and yes, I do realize how many years it would take!)

One year when we were first married, Hubby drove out into the woods while I was at work and came home with a little tree, roots and all.

RachelD said...

Oh, the scent of a fresh-cut pine or cedar or spruce, just in from the cold back-of-the-pickup, with Daddy nailing two cross-boards together in an X to make the support!

My favorite things were the bubble lights (I think there were maybe 12 on the string, but they held (and still hold, for Caro found me a string several years ago, for old times' sake) a wonder and a magic unequalled by all the twinkly ones.

I hope you the most wonderful Christmas, faraway friend,


Annesphamily said...

My folks always had a real tree. We decorated with simple things and even today my daughter Hannah made a paper Christmas chain at the preschool where she works and hung it on the tree. I have never been very materialistic so I enjoy simplicity. I love the remember the stories my mother told me of her being a young girl and she and her sisters lining up to dance with their daddy as they listened to the radio. When I look at her childhood photos I have I remember that story. When I leave for work each day I talk to my photos gracing our bedroom walls. I was blessed to receive my maternal grandparents wedding photo and although my mother lost her daddy when she was 13 I look at him and tell him I would have loved him very much. I think my mother must have taken after him in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your memories here. Hugs Anne