Friday, April 2, 2010

Yes I Am!

Since this is the Saturday before Easter, I thought I would do something a little different for Pink Saturday. I have something to share and something to get off my mind. However, there will be a lot of lovely pinks for today at Beverly's Blog.

Last week on my Pink Saturday post I received an anonymous comment on my post for that day and I feel like I need to address this here. The comment was this......

"You are older than S**T, and as wrinkled as a prune."

My response is simply this, "Yes, I am."

That is the one thing I can not deny. But you see, there is more to see and know than the visible wrinkles. Those lines tell a story. They tell of a life that has been lived to the fullest. A life full of love and laughter and sometimes an occasional hard bump or two. Those wrinkles serve as a road map and a reminder of all the wonderful things I have encountered along this journey. I just did not think I looked that bad to everyone else.....*wink*

Those lines are tale tell signs that this old woman has not given up on life, enjoys each and every day I am given and learning new things in the process. It is my hope that I leave something behind one day that might have made a difference in the world, but let me be clear about one thing....I've no intention on going anywhere for a good while, and hope the Good Lord does not need me anytime soon.

I hope that whomever felt it necessary to leave that anonymous comment knows that it did serve as a reminder of all I have to be thankful for this Easter weekend. And I hope your life is a long and happy one. And I hope one day, as you look in the mirror, you will be able to say, "I may be old, and may look like a prune, but I have lived life to the fullest." And with that, you can say....."Yes, I am", and be proud to say it. I would also like to say, I don't think I have offended anyone, and if I have, if you would like to email me, I am sure I can rectify the problem, because trust me, it was not intentional.

Now with that behind me, I'd like to share this poem with you for Easter.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MEMO FROM GOD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good morning. I am God.
Today I will be handling
all of your problems.
Please remember that I do
not need your help.
If the devil happens to
deliver a situation to you
that you cannot handle,
DO NOT attempt to resolve it.
Kindly put it in the SFJTD
(something for Jesus to do) box.
It will be addressed in MY time, not
yours. Once the matter is placed in
the box, do not hold on to it or
attempt to remove it!
Holding on or removal will delay
the resolution of your problem.
If it is a situation that you think you
are capable of handling, please
consult me in prayer to be sure
that it is the proper resolution.
Because I do not sleep nor do I
slumber, there is no need for
you to lose any sleep.
Rest my child.
If you need to contact me,
I am only a prayer away.

I am not sure who the author of this was, but thought it was good to share at this time. Be in church somewhere this Easter Sunday.


CC said...

Oh dear,sweet LaVoice..
I am heartbroken at a sensless jackass that would attempt to hurt someone in this manner. I am so proud of the manner in which you handled this vicious nameless coward.
If you're so smug and brave to make such a hate comment, be big enough to sign your name. I think you're a wonderful,beautiful,sweet lady and it's such a pleasure to have known you. I also have wrinkles and am no spring chicken, but I have the courage to leave a comment and use my name and where I can be found. What a miserable jackass that was..
I loved your letter from God.. sometimes I forget and try to fix everything myself... but it's always better when I simply say..Lord,this is too heavy. Will you carry it for me? Thank you for the reminder that we're not here alone.. I love my friends and blogger are much loved and appreciated by us all.
Happy Pink Saturday, have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Easter..

Coloradolady said...

Oh Aunt Lavoice....You go!!! There are hardly many 80 yr. old that learn to blog at your age and MASTER it at that!!! You are as old as you let your mind tell you...and yours keeps telling you that your young!!!

Whomever did that...well, they should be ashamed of themselves! Love you dearly!!!

Iphigenia said...

Happy Easter....I think you are beautiful and respect you....alas nasty, negative and unhappy people will always exist, we just have to ignore them. ox :)

farmlady said...

That was a very rude and unhappy person. It says more about that person than you LaVoice and I think you handled it very well.
I'm getting those lines in my face and more gray hair by the day. I'm proud of them because I earned each one. I hope that I look as wonderful as you when I'm 80 years old. Bless you.., and Happy Easter.

Iphigenia said...

and also... I loved that letter from GOD!!!!

colorchic said...

LaVoice, I can hardly believe any sane person would say such a thing. I'm sure what they really meant was "oh my gosh that woman is amazing and so full of life and that I hope to have that much energy if I am so lucky to live so long" Seriously I'm sure that's what they meant and just made an incredible type-o!
Happy Easter! Rock on!

Regina said...

Hello dear LV.
How sad that person must be.

You are one of the most beautiful person I've ever met in the blog land and your blog is awesome.

A blessed Easter and Happy Pink Saturday!


Lynn said...

I see a vibrant, beautiful soul. I wish you a wonderful Easter!

Charlotte said...

How can anyone say such hateful things to "my grandma"? I must admit that I did not appreciate my elders until it hit me (actually slapped me upside the head) that I was no longer a 'young' woman and that my mother and father were not going to be here much longer! I lost my daddy 6 years ago and it still hurts! My mother will be 81 in May and I cherish everyday I have with her. I'm writing this and crying at the same time. You are a very gracious woman to have handled this as ladylike as you did. Whoever wrote this hateful message will regret it one day. happy Easter!

Old Time Cindy said...

You are a beautiful woman. When I first came across your blog, I showed my hubby your pic and commented how pretty you are.
Someone on their blog stated that they adjusted their blog so they would not receive anonymous comments due to spam, etc. I was going to look into might want to also.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a special Easter!

Beverly said...

Bravos and kudos to you, LaVoice. And, how very sad for the person that left such a ridiculous comment. I wonder what kind of life that person has had to make them so unhappy.

You already know that I adore, admire and love you. You have handled this with grace, and you have taught us all a very important lesson.

I wish you an Easter holiday filled with joy and the wonderful sense of rebirth that is Spring.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear lady.

Patsy said...

So sorry Sis for the ugly words----but we just have to consider the source----and say "forgive them for they know not what they do."They need Jesus !!---like we are celebrating this weekend. They obviously have a sad and miserable life, full of hate and bitterness.Those of us that know you personally know who you are---you are very dear to me and I love you dearly and treasure every moment we share together!! I see so many sad situations on my job as a hospice nurse---so many younger (much younger) people ---so very sick and miserable, some having lived wonderful lives and others who did not----I am so happy to see you living yours to the fullest, and you are so active---can do more than most people even in their 40's !! Like my motto "I may have years, but I will never be old"---must be your motto too! So, you just keep going---and know that you are LOVED and I NEED YOU !!!! Happy Easter and God Bless You !!

Tammy said...

Oh Meme.. I love you. I always look forward to visiting your blog on vintage Thursdays and so enjoy your comments on my posts.

I'm so glad you keep sharing your sweetness and goodness with us. God bless you and yours this Easter and always.

Unknown said...

What a hateful thing for someone to do. But you handled it with dignity and respect. You truly are a beautiful lady. Thank you also, for that fabulous letter from God. I hope that nasty spammer sees it, and has his eyes opened. Happy Easter and Happy Pink Saturday.

Sherry from Alabama said...

How sad that someone is so unhappy with themselves that they would spread such ugliness to others. You have addressed this in such a gracious way. I am sure your Heavenly Father is pleased with you. You are a such a lovely lady...outside and inside. I admire you so. I have even told my husband about this precious lady, who is the same age as my mother, that has this lovely blog and does such a wonderful job with it. I look forward to your posts each week. I'm glad you didn't let the ugly remark taint you in any way. May you have a blessed Easter.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Diva Kreszl said...

oh sweet sad that we must encounter such inconsiderate people here of all places. I like to think of blogland as a sort of Camelot, an Eden if you will. Sadly it seems they let anyone in the gates...youare an amzing woman and should pay no notice to such very small minds! We that know you love you and value your great expeience and kind heart, little minds should be ignored.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

How sad that someone felt the need to be cruel, and how wonderfully you handled it! All I have to say is, I am forty years younger than you, and I still think you are one of the nicest, coolest bloggers out there! I only hope that 40 years from now I will be as active and willing to keep my mind open and learning as you do. Every day is a treasure, and I hope you know we all love the gifts you offer with every post. Have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

Susie Jefferson said...

What a horrible, horrible person that was. I suggest you go to your Comments section and do two things:
1. Moderate all comments - so the email will come to you to approve or reject, and not go direct to your blog (you then do not need the word verification as NOTHING can get past you).
2. Do not allow anonymous comment - which will prevent this kind of spitefulness, and which will also prevent spammers trying to get sneaky adverts in etc.

I greatly admire your handling of the situation, and your graciousness is much more than this person deserves.

Having said that, I always enjoy your posts and I love your poem this week.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!

Ann said...

I'm absolutely appalled that anyone would leave such a rancid, dispicable comment. You are such an inspiration to so many bloggers. You were sweet to me from the beinning when I was unsure of being a "blogger", you helped me out and encouraged me. I think you handled the abuser in a gracious way. Have a blessed Easter.

Cindy said...

That made my heart sick and I am sorry that a miserable, unhappy soul did that. I think that whoever did that really needs to be put in the SFJTD file. He can help that person.
God Bless you on this Easter weekend.

Bernideen said...

I really admire you - you are 80 and doing a blog. This means you are in asmall percentage for your age group. YOU ARE IN THE FOREFRONT OF LEARNING. My guess is you are intelligent and creative combined and really you are very attractive for your age! SO THERE!

Betty said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sad that anyone could be so mean. Mark Twain said, "wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been". Shame on that person.
Have a wonderful Easter, beautiful lady!

House and Garden Boutique said...

I have to say that I am so impressed that you are out there blogging. You are one VERY HIP classy lady! I hope that when I am 80 years old that I will be as up to date with the trends as you are now. You GO GIRL!!!! You are a very beautiful lady on the outside and on the inside too. Some people just have no respect for anyone.....I am referring to that nasty comment left for you. There is such a thing as Karma.....what a hateful, unloved person they must be. Thanks for sharing your poem on this Easter weekend. My wish for you is that you have the best Easter ever! Happy Easter.

Jacalyn @ said...

Great response to a very negative person! I love how you looked upon it in a positive way! We sure know who has the problem, huh?

Happy PS and Happy Easter,

Julie D said...

You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. (OK, technically "never met" but still!) I cannot fathom what kind of person comes to someone's blog and says such hateful things, but God bless them because they must really have some serious emotional and mental issues.

What a class act you are....yes, you are!!!!!! And I can only pray to be as beautiful, inside and out, one day as you.

jeanne said...

Dear Meme, to me you are 'beautiful' in every way and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Some very sad ignorant person must be mean spirited and very unhappy. I truly love your blog and wish I had more time to visit more often. You rock...and I mean it.

Have a blessed Easter my dear sweet an beautiful blogging friend.

Love xoxo, Jeanne

Jenny said...

Oh my word! I am so sorry that you got such a rotten comment! You are beautiful! Have a happy Easter!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Dear LaVoice,
What an unkind and cruel comment that was! You have shown grace, beauty, and strength in the way you have handled this situation! The Lord bless you!
The poem is wonderful and I thank you for sharing it. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Easter.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi LV, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I do not allow anonymous comments on my blog --just for that reason. IF someone cannot sign up on Blogger (even if they don't have a blog), then they are not going to leave a comment on my blog.

You are the neatest person I have ever known who is your age. I admire you so much---and when I get to your age, I pray that I am still as NEAT as you are, and still able to blog. You are truly an inspiration.

Don't forget that!!!!! IGNORE the nut-cases of our world. Thank God there aren't many of them out there.

Thanks for being YOU----one of the nicest people I know!!!! God Bless You, LaVoyce.

Happy Easter.

Ignore that comment---and know that all the rest of us LOVE you and care deeply for you.

Sherri@lavenderfields said...

You go girl! Don't waste a second of your life worrying about that nonsense! I and probably everyone of your friends here think you are beautiful and intelligent! Anyone of us could have been targeted for our looks, race, religion, age etc. So this is really a slap in all our faces. We are all here for the same enjoyment and friendship. So when one of us is targeted I think we all feel your pain. Your poem is beautiful too. Happy Easter to you and your family! Hugs Sherri : )

Unknown said...

Oh LV when I grow up...I so wanna be just like you! you are elegant,graceful and flat out rock!
you have so many comments I am not gonna read but rather speak from my heart...and if say the same thing as someone else...then it just means well more validation...

you are the sweetest most kindest person and well me personally thinks... wrinkles are a sign of character...a sign of wisdom...i embrace my wrinkles and believe me this almost 40 yr old has a lot of em....wrinkles that is...i also have a fat ass...but your so called commenter didnt address a fat assa...
I refuse to say anything negative about your commenter because well just because BUT I will say how awesome I think YOU are!

My name is Riet said...

Oh dear LV, How mean people can be to say such a thing. Very sad. You know LV I will be 72 in two weeks time and I hope to still be blogging when I am 80 and be as good as you. You are my inspiration.
Have a wonderful Easter.

Linda M said...

You are beautiful, I hope I look as good as you when I'm your age. There is nothing wrong with wrinkles everyone eventually gets them and should accept them with honor. Because this doesn't like wrinkles they will one day look in the mirror and will be shocked when they find wrinkles lol.

Pretty pink picture. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter.

Ebie said...

Oh, Ms LV, my eyes become so cloudy on this post. Time and time again, I have said, you are such an inspiration to me and most probably all visitors that come and visit your blog. You are always quick to learn new things, and with enthusiasm. I could say a lot more from knowing you through my visits here.

Do not let this comment bother you. You will still the LV I have known the first time I have come to visit your blog.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks that someone could be so ugly. But rest assured they will get their comeuppance. Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for that poem. I put a note in his "to do" box. xoxo Lynn

SmilingSally said...

Ugly is not what is in a mirror; ugly is what is inside.
I'm sorry that ugly people exist, LaVoice, and I'm sorry that some of them leave ugly comments. I get some nasty comments too, and I just delete them and pray for the small-minded person. (Click on that little trash can and it will open a window that will allow you to permanently delete the comment.)

You are quite beautiful and are admired by many.. BTW: prunes are VERY sweet! Have a Blessed Easter!

Julie said...

I can't believe someone would make such a hateful comment! You go girl!! You addressed this and are an amazing person!!

Hope you had a beautiful Easter!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I can"t believe That someone would do that!! I am so sorry! You are a fantastically beautiful woman both inside and out!! I admire you for having a blog, not being afraid to learn new things and living your life to the fullest!! To me , you are an inspiration!!Happy Easter to you!!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

You are beautiful & much loved .

Petunia said...

Hi LV, you, like my mom are a beautiful, extraordinary, strong and inspiring woman. She is also 80yrs young. I'm grateful everyday for the gift of having her in my life just as I feel blessed to be inspired by you in my online world. I feel sorry for the sad little person who posted that juvenile comment. It's obvious her/his lack of self esteem comes from missing the kind of love and support you're abundantly blessed with. Another one of today's oblivious 'sheeple' who bought into the notion that happiness means following the mass market ideas the media spoon feeds them. Ironically, by leaving that post that person left us an extraordinay gift because it just gave you the opportunity to respond in the graceful and admirably defiant way we have come to know. I should be so lucky to be like you when I'm 80 yrs young! Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you had a lovely Easter and belated Happy Pink!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to me and I think you're LOVELY in more ways than I can count. Thanks for sharing the letter from God and KUDOS for your clear purposeful response to the thoughtless comment. I hope you had a JOYOUS Easter celebration!
Hugs and blessings,

CraftyMammie said...

oh, i'm so sorry to know about this - pulled my hearstrings a lot. was not able to do my PS rounds last saturday. how mean for that person to be leaving such nasty comments. maybe he/she doesn't have anything better to do than to ruin anyone's day. i wish i'd be as composed as you when confronted with the same situation.
i admire you for brushing it off with so much grace and dignity.


The Essess said...

Firstly you look much younger than 80! Who ever wrote that is insecure and sad person. Hope you rise above it and keep up you lovely blog! Some people have to ridicule others to make themselves feel better.. Its quite pathetic!
I hope I am still blogging away when I am 80! What a feat! Sending love your way from the Land of OZ!!!!....x

racheld said...

Oh, Dear Friend!

I'm just having a slow morning, having my coffee and getting back into your archives for more of your wonderful adventures and writing.

This was one of the most gracious, uplifting posts I've ever read on the Internet. Your reaction to the unhappiness of another was one of grace and understanding, and the way you expressed your gratitude for your life and friends and all that's to be thankful for---just lovely.

And I appreciate you even more for having read your kind words to someone who was way less than kind to you.