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Friday, May 18, 2018

Anything Goes Pink Saturday

 Another gorgeous day in Texas, but a tad on the hot side. Big variety of interesting sights can be found at

These beautiful cut flowers from my son and his wife for mother's day.  However, they blessed me in other ways as well.

These are couple of my pinks.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sky Watch Friday

 Trust you will take the time to drop by Due to InLinks policy at the time, I cannot link into Sky Watch.


Just to let you know should I not have a post up for several days, it is not because I am sick or died.  My computer is really acting up.  Sometimes it comes on fine and the next time blacks out. I really hate to give up my Windows 7 computer as I am not sure I would ever learn W10. I did not set up my current blog, so I certainly would not know beans about one on W10. Just wanted you to know if I turn up missing far an extended period, that is why.

As some of you know, I participate on certain blogs that requires linking into their blog. I  especially do this for Friday's Sky Watch and Pink Saturday. Just this past week, I could
not link into their post.  Well I read the long privacy policy but did not understand it.  Has to do with InLinkz and these two bloggers use it.  I do not use it or want to, but was not sure if I accepted their policy I might have to pay for it.
What is the difference http and https?  I still use http and not sure how to change if need be. But I often get popups that says I should make this change.  The way things  are going I may have to give up my blog.  I am not the sharpest one on computers and definitely the operation of blogs.  What I do, I do every day.

For those that reads this or offers suggestions, thank you.